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What you need to do is take inventory, prioritize, and by all means make time for yourself! Skills Converged > Icebreakers and Training Resources and ArticlesTraining resources, icebreakers and training exercises for trainers. Ice Breaker - How to Develop an Ice BreakerTired of spending time searching for an ice breaker through books and .
A well-thought-out icebreaker is a fun way to lay the groundwork for effective learning at a training session.
Choosing Your IcebreakerDifferent types of icebreakers include introductory, discussion-based and team-building.
Introductory IcebreakersIntroductory exercises can be as simple as asking each person to tell the group their name and job role. Discussion-Based IcebreakersFor groups that already have been introduced or who know each other well, a short discussion or brainstorming session can help get everyone thinking and focusing.

A good icebreaker will enable participants to get into a learning state of mind and begin focusing on the coming session. Icebreakers can be as simple as getting everyone to introduce themselves to the group with a few basic facts, or it can be a physical or mental activity designed to activate both the left and right sides of the brain for optimum learning. Team-Building ActivitiesThis type of activity is not only good for practicing working together as a functioning team, but also for the facilitator to identify who in the group is a natural leader, a follower or someone who would prefer to work alone. Campus Resources in Self-Management There are people on campus who can help you better manage your time and help you to plan a time management schedule. EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENTreflect on the importance of time management in living a more focused productive . Icebreaker games for small groups - Management for the Rest of UsThe right icebreaker games make all the difference to meetings, trainings, . Ask yourself which type of icebreaker would best suit the group, the training style and the key learning objectives.

You can even refer back to the icebreaker at the end to see if opinions or ideas had changed as a result of the session. Stress Management - Skills Converged Training ResourcesTraining resources on stress management, anxiety and relaxation for trainers. A very simple exercise is to split the group into smaller teams and give them a puzzle to solve in a given amount of time. A more complex activity is presenting each team with a written problem to solve within a specific time frame that involves a number of roles or skills such as financial, creative and technical.

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