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The Student Leadership Challenge® Certified Facilitator Training (for adults) is an intensive two-day programme conducted by a qualified Master Facilitator**. In April Global Footwear Services, on behalf of Bata Emerging Markets, hosted the 2013 “Advanced Training & Facilitation Skills Course” in the lush surroundings of Singapore.
The course offered the occasion to build upon basic training skills gained during the “Train the Trainer” course held in 2012, while exploring and developing the latest techniques required to facilitate challenging and engaging training sessions. The course focused on learning styles, self-preparation during training, body language, powerful question techniques, effective feedback system and handling difficult behaviour. The last day of the course was spent reviewing the 2013 annual training schedules by country as well as discussing challenges faced by trainers. MEETING MANAGEMENT TRAINING Discover How To Lead Productive Meetings, Set Appropriate Objectives, Improve Communication And Facilitate Others. The management training courses provided by Train in a Day offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of delivery methods, meaning that an organisation wishing to undertake a course will be able to choose how and when training is undertaken, ensuring that the course will always meet their needs.
By the end of this course you will be a better facilitator and able to facilitate groups with confidence.
This employee motivation course, for new and existing managers, will help you promote a culture of high performance, morale and teamwork. Ultimately my dreams came by way of when and discover that particular person I want to be courses training facilitation meeting with and.

One of the most interesting topics for the participants was “Neuro Linguistic Program” centred on the significance of non-verbal behaviour during training. In particular, many experiences were shared from the “Advanced Store Managers Course” - a modular course launched in 2012 designed to improve the knowledge and skills of Store Managers across Bata Emerging Markets.
Serena Di Sarra, Bata Regional Development Manager, believes “the Advanced Training & Facilitation Skills Course made a positive impact in strengthening Bata Emerging Markets’ network of trainers. FACILITATION SKILLS Discover How To Facilitate Groups, Understand Group Dynamics, When To Intervene & Handle Difficult Situations On This Facilitation Skills Training. By the end of this course you will be more confident and better able to resolve conflicts in the workplace and within your team. This confidence course, especially helpful for those new to managerial positions, will help you display self-confidence in the workplace and discover how to be more assertive. These benefits, combined with the importance of engaging in CPD, make one-day management courses an attractive prospect for any organisation.
Courses last just one working day, thus affording participants a much greater degree of flexibility compared with other courses that span several sessions. This meeting management course, especially useful for those with team management responsibility, will show you how to better manage meetings in just one day.
Worldwide, Helen has an enviable portfolio of training clients across commercial and public sector organisations.

One-day management courses enable businesses to do exactly that: to train and develop staff in new areas of management, which in turn should have a tangible impact upon the day-to-day running of their company. Our management and leadership course modules combine with e-learning, in-house training courses and mobile learning to complete your management training program.
Clients testify that Helen has a charismatic and engaging delivery style that incorporates real world training activities and role-plays.
Beyond imparting knowledge, our unique approach to blended learning means learners can receive both fundamental knowledge and classroom facilitation. To highlight the importance of continuing professional development (CPD), upon completion of any management training course offered by Train in a Day, participants will be awarded a certificate to demonstrate that they have undertaken a thorough session of CPD. As well as working with individuals and companies as a coach, Caleb has a track record of delivering results by facilitating clear thinking and generating real action. Your team will be enthused by the contribution Caleb delivers in these management training courses.

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