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Your leading distractions are announced back on September 12th and is going apply the technique the law of attraction world greatest suited.
So he’s really important when it comes to talking about things like Law Of Attraction.
Well, to answer that, we have to turn to a couple called Esther and Jerry Hicks, Jerry sadly deceased in 2011.
So could Esther and Jerry Hicks be acting as a channel for infinite intelligence, or cosmic consciousness, as you will. I suppose, really, the question that matters most is whether or not they have anything to teach us about Law Of Attraction. What I like about the Abraham – Hicks teachings are the fundamental truths that we all know but might have forgotten!

On the Abraham-Hicks website, Esther & Jerry claim that this is the original source material for the current interest in Law Of Attraction that is sweeping the world. And these teachings are available in a series of recordings, which are effectively Esther channelling the words of Abraham.
It’s not as though Abraham was the source of information about the Law Of Attraction.
You can see some of the other people who offered this information to the world on the links above: Napoleon Hill knew all about the Law Of Attraction well over a century ago, and others have followed in his footsteps since then, including Rhonda Byrne, with her powerful presentation of this material in The Secret.
Sure, the fact that Abraham’s information about Law Of Attraction is set out in CD and MP3 (voice recording) form will be great for those who like to listen rather than read this material. Abraham also talks about the Law of Deliberate Creation, which is basically a way of saying that if you think about something, or you think about the absence of something, you’ll get it.

Next comes the Law Of Allowing: this seems to be something about tolerance of difference, allowing each and every individual to be who and what they are.
One thing that seems clear to me about this is that although this is a simple way of representing Law Of Attraction material, it isn’t practical scheme for actually making it work in your life, for achieving success, or getting what you want.
Make no mistake, getting what you want with the Law Of Attraction can be easy or challenging. You are a magnet, attracting that which you are thinking and feeling. And so if you are feeling fat you cannot attract thin.

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