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Ordering online training for your entire PSAP through our annual subscription method may be less difficult than making many other types of special purchases because of our exceptionally low prices and unique features. Participants thought that up-to-date audio and video were the most important elements of a well-designed online course. And nearly all respondents (90%) felt online learning was important to their agency's long-term training plan. Results of the newly released study by PowerPhone shows that the proportion of 9-1-1 personnel taking their training online continues to grow and that perceptions are positive. 62% of emergency communicators saw a significant improvement in knowledge following their online training.

The company, which has already trained more than 195,000 public safety personnel worldwide, also offers all recertification courses in an eLearning environment, and will soon be making all of its courseware available in an online equivalent.
PowerPhone's survey is the first to look at online learning as it pertains to emergency communications nationally. With this model in mind, PowerPhone now offers all of its certification courses online, which follow a blended learning method to combine the benefits of online theory and real-time practicum training. The Survey of Online Learning in Emergency Communications reveals that 68% of public safety personnel took at least one online course in 2012 and that number is expected to rise to 78% over the next year. In fact, 80 percent of respondents agreed that a well-designed online course could be just as effective, or more so, than a classroom-based course.

Overwhelmingly, the largest benefit emergency communicators cited for online learning was the convenience of anywhere, anytime training, followed by easier scheduling.
38% of personnel were asked to answer 9-1-1 calls and take online training at the same time, possibly because only 19% would be compensated for taking a course from home.

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