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Provides a step by step approach for managing your time and life in a more balanced and effective way.
Get answers to the key questions managers ask about how to manage their time more effectively. This 30 page workbook gives you the knowledge and tools you need to manage the people aspect of your change project successfully. For a comprehensive step by step approach to building your management skills, download our Essential Management Skills Workbook Collection. IntroductionIn Australia, the work of Cotton and Hart distinguishes operational demands and the context in which work is conducted, and recognises that contextual factors (such as leadership and managerial practices, climate and culture) strongly influence how employees cope with and manage their operational demands. Risk management of workplace stressWorkplace stress is a health and safety issue and comes under the OHS Act.
Prevention of workplace stressThe expectation under the OHS Act is that managers will do everything practicable to prevent injury through workplace stress.This should occur when a new process or job is introduced.
A common response that can work if you have decided it is not time to intervene - problems do sometimes go away or resolve themselves.
Sometimes managers want to say something but lose their nerve and end up sending out coded messages in the form of jokes or quips which make things worse. Talking about problems in an open but honest way can be the hardest route to take but is often the most productive. There are a number of reasons why managers may fail to deal adequately with staff who experience work-related stress. The first step is about paying attention to your staff, noticing any changes in their usual behaviour or relationships.It may be also worthwhile reviewing leave use, both recreation and sick leave as well as over-time or time in lieu. Think about what you have observed and how that relates to the factors that typically lead to workplace stress.
Dealing with particular issuesEach situation of stress in the workplace will have unique aspects. If the stress involves a group of staff, then it is usually a case of mixing and matching: some staff members should be spoken to individually, all staff should be given the option of initiating a discussion with you and the group should be given an opportunity to raise issues as a group. Firstly welcome the staff member back, confirm their contribution was missed and provide an update about developments that have occurred in their absence.Secondly, as a separate exercise, explore with them their reasons for non-attendance. The normal practice is to keep in contact with staff members that are on unplanned absences.
A particular issue at Deakin is "distance management" where particularly direct line managers are not on the same campus as a portion of their staff.
We acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands on which Deakin University stands and we pay our respect. THE POWER OF FEELING GOOD: PUTTING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION INTO EVERYDAY PRACTICE, MICHAEL JAMESCreating your own reality can be a lot easier than people sometimes think it is.
If less than 2 months in age younger than the next age group, continuing toddlers may still advance. Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite time-tracking tool, and now we're back with the five most popular time-tracking applications to help you track the time you spend on projects and tasks of every size.
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If your idea of a coach is someone who stands on the sidelines during a game then you need to know more about Chieko Watanabe.

It’s day four of the GMCS in London and the agenda is getting more and more exciting!
The training was really interesting and useful and has helped clarify many important concepts related to my job. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Personal time management is about getting off the treadmill of jumping from crisis to crisis and taking control or your tasks, your day, and your life. Adopting a personal time management system can sometimes feel like a mismatch between your personal way of doing things and the box that the system is trying to fit you into. You may have to use your disciplinary procedure to resolve a problem, but you may also be able to reach a consensus about the best way forward. It involves an understanding that all requests or behaviours are actually an attempt to meet a need.Managing Mental Health Matters is a Canadian program focused on helping managers, supervisors and other leaders learn how to effectively recognize and manage mental health related issues including stress in the workplace.
What matters is that you have one system that you trust.Be clear on your goals and schedule time into your calendar that moves you towards these goals. Availability means leaving time outside the business schedule to catch up with people and socialise. Please note that this is a common mistake and you will notice it when you start to spend a large amount of time shuffling appointments in your calendar.Have your email intimitately connected to your system.
If the matter needs to be pushed and the person concerned is not responding well, break off and make arrangements for a more formal meetingDo be prepared to act as a sounding board and assist the other person to come to a personally acceptable decision. This means the University through its managers and supervisors, is required to prevent and address workplace stress using a risk management framework. As well as considering the physical hazards such as manual handling or ergonomics, the psychological hazards should be considered.Work demands are the easiest to identify. The job stress identification checklist (DOCX, 30.2 KB) can be used to evaluate the stress associated with a job.
These include:inadequate awareness of the issuesreluctance to concede that their management styles may be associated with ill health or stress in their employeesdifferent staff may respond differently to the same working environment and management style. In addition, there are staff who already have a psychological condition or develop one during their work life.
Even when a group of staff are facing the same stress risk factors, the best outcomes occur when effort is made to configure solutions to the individual's circumstances. If you already know that the period off work was due to stress, review with the staff member the factors they believe are responsible for the stress. If you believe this is problematical or you have been asked by the person not to contact them, discuss this with your Human Resources Partner.If possible, you should arrange a face-to-face meeting with staff member at a neutral location preferably, but if necessary at their home.
This can lead to two stress issues – staff feeling alienated from their manager (in the worst cases, "us" versus "them"), and the manager not being close enough to the workplace to feel the mood of local staff. Alejandro Castano is receiving his MS in Communication through the SoC’s MSC program.
Playing Fireball gives you the opportunity to get an extra number drawn and improve the chances of winning Pick and Pick 4 prizes. Soft Skills Definition: Intrapersonal and interpersonal behaviours that develop and maximize human performance. By setting goals and concrete objectives to achieve them, you have a foundation for good personal time management.

Now if you want to bring more value to each moment then you really need to leverage your time.
If the matter cannot be resolved locally, identify the best course of action and best forum for its resolutionDo not become involved over your head.
When you pick up that task again, it can take 15 minutes to refresh your mind and get back to the point where you left it.
Work demand risk factors such as pace of work and work variety are more easily recognised compared to more esoteric support risk factors such as respect and management culture. This may lead managers to conclude that a problem is the individual's – rather than accepting the need to acknowledge and respond to differences in their staffmanagers may be reluctant to be educated in this area if they do not consider health and safety to be part of their responsibilitiesmanagers may be concerned that raising stress with staff may create an issue where none existedmanagers may be reluctant to 'intrude' into a worker's private life, although stresses arising outside of work can spill-over into the workplace.Managers may find it useful to get training or coaching in communication skills, in having difficult conversation or in basic mediation to manage conflict. If the meeting is at the staff member's home, try to have a colleague accompany you with the staff member's permission.
Some ways to mend or maintain that relationship may include:scheduling regular conversations to check on the progress of the injured worker and to give them an opportunity to raise any concerns before problems develop furthernominating an alternative support or contactflexibly providing alternative duties that will allow a gradual restoration of the relationshipusing other agreed strategies that are in place to reduce barriers to return to work, such as mediation and other dispute resolution procedures. Recognise that your concentration is most likely to max out after about 2 hours so don't schedule any more time than that. You are able to clarify priorities of incoming tasks and assign them into your personal time management system.
This needs to be tempered with the stress of constant travel and the associated loss of time involved.The clustering when feasible of functions on a campus to warrant the appointment of a team leaderThe use of phone and to a lesser effect e-mail to keep in contact.
For intense periods of concentration consider using the Pomodoro technique or tracking software to block out distractions.Leave enough space in your calendar to deal with the unplanned stuff.
Have specific examples where the person's performance has deteriorated or where it is affecting the performance of othersDo not make a fuss or back the person into a corner.
There has never been an age when we have managed to get so much done, yet at the same time be so overwhelmed with information, emails and tasks to do.For many, work is a constant stream of email, requests from co-workers and customers, phone calls and reports.
Even when the issue is work-related you must be sensitive to privacy issues.Do not use respect for privacy as an excuse for inaction. Do not operate on a wing and a prayer.If the person's problem is not affecting their performance or that of others be prepared to back off and respect their privacy.
The effectiveness of phone communications is dependant on the quality of the existing relationships.
The Pareto principle ensures that I spend my time on those 20% of tasks that yield 80% of the results. If it is refused, leave the offer open whilst continuing to monitor work performance and impact.If a discussion starts to get heated or personal, break it off.
Organizational skills, problem solving strategies, change management, great presentation abilities, effective leadership skills, and running results oriented meetings; all make one a valuable team member.
Get a third party (HR Partner) involved to protect both yours and the other person's integrityDo not get into arguments. Facilitate the persons self-development and awarenessDo not act as a judge, confessor or parent. If this is what the person wants, refer them to professional assistance (Employee Assistance Program).

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