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Take a hard copy of your presentation (printed-out) – they were impressed by this and it was a good idea as the laptop crashed anyway. Before attending the assessment centre, details of a presentation which was to be delivered were sent to candidates. 20 minutes to prepare a 5 minute presentation on a group project you have worked on at some point, preferably where you had a choice of topic.
This has been used by the Careers and Employability Service in Presentation Skills Workshops. This module covers all of the above areas by using a variety of interactive and practical exercises which prepare the participants for their ultimate presentation. The course works on the whole person, showing how to think clearly and how to convey your ideas effectively through the body and voice. Through practical exercises you will learn how to structure a presentation for maximum impact and rapport, and how to develop your voice and body language to deliver the presentation with dynamic presence.

Studies have shown that structured learning exercises such as the ABLE tests are up to 50% more effective than traditional ability tests. Usually you choose the topic from a list which may include your hobbies, a recent holiday, a current affairs topic or one of your achievements, or sometimes you may be asked to make a presentation on a case study you have previously done as part of the extended interview. You can also record your presentation and play it back to yourself: don't judge yourself harshly when you replay this - we always notice our bad points and not the good when hearing or seeing a recording or ourselves!
Powerpoint is excellent for the delivery of pictures and diagrams and they will help to break up and add variety to the long streams of text seen in many (bad!) presentations. Good presentations will have a variety of slides: some with bullets, some without and many with images and charts. My early presentations were jammed full of slides as I was afraid that I would run out of content, and invariably I talked far too quickly to get though all the slides. It may give you some idea on the areas assessors may be marking you on in an assessed presentation.

The Saville Consulting series of cognitive ability assessments helps recruiters be confident of adopting an effective, fair and ethical approach to ability testing.
This course addresses these concepts using the latest trends in presentation design and delivery. Twenty slides with 5 bullets on each means you are trying to get across one hundred points, whereas the average person will absorb at most 5 points from a presentation. This intensive training will examine why presentations frequently fail and how they can be made more effective, quickly and simply. Surprisingly, the most successful presentations I have made have been when the technology has failed.

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