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Effective business messages have a number of common characteristics: Provide practical information.
The changing workplace has brought the following communication challenges: advances in technology, globalization, a culturally diverse workforce, and the adoption of team-based organizational structures.
Internal communication refers to the exchange of information and ideas within an organization. Communication is a dynamic, transactional (two-way) process that can be broken into six phases . Interference in the communication process is called noise which can be caused by a variety of communication barriers. However, communication is effective only when the message is understood and when it stimulates action or encourages the receiver to think in new ways. Talking takes less time and needs no composing, keyboarding, rewriting, duplicating, or distributing, and oral communication provides the opportunity for feedback. The Internet, e-mail, voice mail, faxes, pagers, and other wireless devices have increased the speed, frequency, and reach of communication. The communication process is repeated until both parties have finished expressing themselves 1. Learn as much as possible about the biases, education, age, status, and style of your audience to create an effective message.

Successful companies encourage employee contributions by making sure that communication flows freely down, up, and across the organization chart.
Ethical communication includes all relevant information, is true in every sense, and is not deceptive in any way. The coming chapters present and analyze real-life examples of both good and bad communication. By contrast, unethical communication can include falsehoods and misleading information (or withhold important information). The fewer the links in the communication chain, the less likely it is that misunderstandings will occur. Without effective communication, people misunderstand each other and misinterpret information.
At times written forms are more appropriate and effective: if the information you are conveying is very complex, if a permanent record is needed for future reference, if the audience is large and geographically dispersed, and if immediate interaction with the audience is either unimportant or undesirable. A restrictive environment can be a formal communication network that limits the flow of information, so communication becomes fragmented.
Still, designing too few formal channels and having too many people report to a single individual can block effective communication by overburdening that key individual. Verbal communication consists of words arranged in meaningful patterns: that is according to the rules of grammar by putting the various parts of speech in the proper sequence.

As a member of an organization, you are an important informal conduit for communicating with the outside world. Giving your audience a chance to provide feedback is crucial to maintaining an open communication climate. Physical distractions such as bad connections, poor acoustics, or illegible copy can block an otherwise effective message.
To physically transmit your message to your receiver, you select a communication channel (verbal or nonverbal, spoken or written) and a medium (telephone, letter, memo, e-mail, report, face-to-face exchange). Lack of experience may be the only obstacle between you and effective messages, whether written or spoken. Although working in teams has advantages, it also offers challenges, as team members often come from different departments, perform different functions, and come from diverse cultural backgrounds. To be effective, persuasive messages must show readers just how a product, service, or idea will benefit them.
Perhaps the best place to begin strengthening your communication skills is with an honest assessment of where you stand.

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