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Interactive Design is a “user-oriented field of study that focuses on meaningful communication of media through cyclical and collaborative processes between people and technology. Use of appropriately designed teaching aids makes the teaching-learning process highly effective. Employers indicate that over 50% of their decision to hire an IT worker is because they have the employability skills they’re looking for.
They are probably assuming a college graduate, and now prospective employee, would understand how important effective communication skills are. Therefore, when a situation arises where proper communication skills are necessary, many people don’t even know where to start.
This is a shame, because communication skills are absolutely vital to achieving success in every facet of your life, whether it be work, school, or personal relationships. One of the employability skills connected to accounting fundamentals is project management. The Saville Consulting series of cognitive ability assessments helps recruiters be confident of adopting an effective, fair and ethical approach to ability testing.

IT educators can use this resource to weave within the hands-on and applied technology concepts they are teaching, the different communication skills IT employers are looking for. Another recommended resource, and this comes from Dan Pink’s book, To Sell is Human, (this book is an important one to read to build presentation skills), IT students can improve their PowerPoint (PPT) presentations after they have reviewed, pecha-kucha. In researching “flexibility” and “employability skills,” it is worth noting the United Kingdom (UK) has spent sizeable time and effort creating a wide body of employability skills resources.
So, encouraging students to start making presentations (whether persuasive, factual, informative, etc.) during their college experience is essential. This is fine for informal communication, but the line of what is appropriate where is beginning to blur. Studies have shown that structured learning exercises such as the ABLE tests are up to 50% more effective than traditional ability tests. Even though this Exeter UK chart of employability skills aligns to secondary activities, where evidence and demonstration of that skill can be found in a student’s lesson outcome, it’s still a good representation of how these skill might be integrated into a course.
So, there is not only technical knowledge needed, but being able to incorporate active listening, proper documentation, patience, and clear communication are all essentials of effective customer service.

Being a good listener is as important to good communication as being able to talk smoothly. Students need resources as well as guidance in figuring out the * different IT jobs out there, * what they require in terms of technical knowledge and skills, * what the work will actually be like, and, * how much the job will pay. As more and more technology arises, it seems our communication skills are going out the window. What is communicationThe process of communication iswhat allows us to interact withother people; without it, we wouldbe unable to share knowledge orexperiences with anything outsideof ourselves.

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