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The Monkhouse Skill Acquisition Model (MSAM) has been a successful clinical tool for the treatment of fluency disorders in a Private Practice setting for many years.
Other positive results from using the pragmatic model include (a) increased enthusiasm for attending sessions and completing home assignments, (b) an improvement in observational skills, (c) an increase in the clients' sense of direction and responsibility toward their own goals, (d) an improvement in clinician accountability and (e) it can be used with a wide age-range. The purpose of this paper is to present a clinical model for understanding the stages in the process of skill acquisition.
A client must negotiate all 16 stages before a "new" communication skill is spontaneous in the outside world.
The MSAM (refer to Figure III below) demonstrates the building of a hierarchy of skill acquisition in increasingly complex communication environments. The MSAM thus provides a simple, positive visual tool for attaining, maintaining and transferring fluency skills, and has been particularly helpful for the therapeutic team in a school setting.
Listening to a child talk about their day at school is another type of communication exchange.

These are pervasive functions and include motivating, leadership, directing, prioritizing, communicating, delegating and systematizing. This involves defining the work and specific role of the scientists, determining and communicating performance standards, and administering through specific policies and procedures. Give participants a brief description of management, stressing different management definitions as a function of one's perspective.
In developing country situations, organizations lack vital human skills, material resources and basic infrastructure. It involves combining human, physical and capital resources in a skilful manner to achieve defined objectives. Note that managers' skill mix tend to change as they advance within me management hierarchy. By elaborating on the basic Mitchell and Savage model, we developed a pragmatic model of communication skill acquisition that consists of a 4x4 matrix in which there are not only the four sequential stages of skill acquisition, but also communication milieu at four different levels of increasing environmental complexity (clinic, home, school, world).

Thus, management is responsible for utilizing the available skills to ensure the most efficient use of all human resources. In summary then, what type of communication we are attempting, we must remember that if we want to be successfully at influencing another person or a group, we have to take them through all five stages of this hierarchy. Jon Warner is an executive coach and management consultant and in the past has been a CEO in three very different companies. Although many factors are involved in creating a 'result producing' climate, communication and participation are two key concerns.

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