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NOT FOR BEGINNERS – If you are taking Level 2 classes or have been pole dancing for over 6 months at other facilities, you can join this class. Pole Dance these days is more than just heels and hair, but we can’t deny the sense of freedom that comes from expressing ourselves sensually!
In this level 2 pole dancing class, you will focus on flexibility, core conditioning, arm strength and body awareness to execute level 2 pole dance moves and spins. As you advance your pole art, this class will focus on musicality, body alignment, finding your own style and improving your quality of movement to become a better dancer or performer.

This workshop is designed to give you the tools and freedom to go deeper and farther in your freestyle movement. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of pole dance technique & strength training. Rather than static moves and individual tricks, you will learn to flow your pole dancing moves into sequences.
Become more confident in your own body and learn how YOU love to move in a supportive environment focused on the individual and the collective enjoyment of dance.

This workshop is designed to give you tools to apply style, expression, movement refinement, and better technique to become a more well-rounded student, performer, or freestyler.
Experience a safe environment that allows you to explore the kind of dance you love, complete with a guided warm-up.

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