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In its first year, nearly 1 million people have registered for Harvard's online learning initiative edX.
They are a handful of the approximately 900,000 people who have registered for edX, the online learning venture launched jointly by Harvard and MIT about one year ago.
Harvard has attempted over the course of the last year, more seriously than before, to use the Internet to make its prodigious resources more widely available.

The collaboration seeks to broaden the availability of edX’s open source platform and its educational tools by launching the new website EdX will now offer its students the option of paying a fee to receive an ID-verified “certificate of achievement” for completing an online course, marking the first time the 17-month-old virtual education nonprofit will monetize its free content. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s MOOC Research Initiative has granted HarvardX $21,450 to study how massive open online courses might be made more personalized for individuals in online courses everywhere, HarvardX announced Tuesday.

The edX class from the platform’s inaugural year is far from homogeneous, including a wide range of individuals with different ages, genders, ethnicities, and levels of education.And their diversity does not just stem from measurable characteristics.

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