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Students self-select into the Leadership Development Program (LDP) and take ownership of their development as a leader. The opportunity to work in our Leadership Development Program (and at no extra charge!) has been extremely valuable.
We asked former colleagues and fellow students to fill out a 360 feedback survey, which asked them to evaluate us based on our leadership styles and competencies.
At UNC Kenan-Flagler leadership development is a commitment we make to our students’ long-term career success.
UNC Kenan-Flagler's continual process of practice, feedback and reflection to prepare them for leadership roles. UNC Executive Development provides you with individual growth and organizational development. From the breadth and depth of our leadership activities to our individualized leadership coaching to our proprietary business simulations to teaching methods that focus on realistic interactions, Kenan-Flagler offers you leadership learning that is truly unique among business schools. Our uniquely effective, renowned Leadership Program offers you three powerful benefits in leadership education. Our continuous learning model for leadership development teaches you a method that you can apply throughout your career. Dow Chemical’s General Management Leadership Development Program offers internships and full time opportunities to a highly select group of accomplished professionals who aspire to executive level general management roles. Dow leaders who joined the company through the General Management Leadership Development Program share their experiences and perspectives on this challenging and rewarding opportunity.
The purpose of the internship is to mutually assess the fit of the candidate for a full time offer leading to senior business leadership roles.

By heightening awareness of your natural behavioral tendencies, you immediately begin to accelerate your leadership potential. Choose from a selection of challenging leadership experiences and resources to master the skills in your personal development plan or just challenge your thinking.
To help you to meet those demands, our robust Leadership Program prepares you with personal, team and organizational leadership skills needed to make an impact and manage effectively. First, our priority on Real-Life Learning offers you an expansive selection of experiential leadership activities that teach you critical management and problem-solving skills by participating in numerous hands-on leadership experiences. Your Executive Coach will work with you one-on-one to build your own unique, actionable development plan. Secondly, our Customized Curriculum works by strategizing with you to develop an individual Leadership Plan, which incorporates courses and experiences that best meet your leadership goals. This is not a rotational program, and each individual can expect a unique series of diverse and highly impactful roles, not a pre-programmed sequence of jobs with prescribed duration. The program spans the two-year MBA experience and is designed to enhance your first year by offering a choice of three unique approaches to leadership development, all of which drive you to better self awareness, learning agility, and the habit of development. Therefore, being self-aware and knowing where my “derailers” are will help strengthen my leadership skills and achieve my goal of moving up in the financial industry. Thirdly, we offer you Personalized Coaching, through which feedback from senior business executives, faculty and peers can help cement your absorption of leadership tactics and concepts.
Examples of roles that full time program hires may experience within the first five years of joining the company include: Corporate Strategy Development, Finance Director, Global Business Director, Strategic Marketing Director, and Global Product Manager. The internship is based at Dow corporate headquarters in Midland, MI to provide maximum exposure to Dow executives and senior leaders.

Choose from a selection of leadership experiences and resources to master the skills in your personal development plan or just challenge your thinking.
Depth and integrationWe'll put the depth, thoroughness and specificity of our leadership development up against the very best you'll find anywhere. And because Vanderbilt empowers students to launch and run their own initiatives - from student clubs to conferences and projects with international scope - you will have unusually rich opportunities here to hone your leadership skills outside the classroom2. Executive-level qualityThe caliber of leadership development you will receive is typically reserved for high-level executives, and it incorporates resources and best practices applied by top organizations in developing their own leaders.
For example, Vanderbilt is the only business school to partner with KornFerry International and Hogan Assessments, top leadership development organizations used by Fortune 500 companies. 3. Individual tailoringLike no other program, we individualize leadership development to fit your needs and your goals - and to help you understand and leverage your individual strengths, challenges, drivers and capabilities. 4.
Flexible designAs with so much of the Vanderbilt MBA experience, you'll have the flexibility to choose the approach - Shared, Individual or Flex - that best fits with your schedule and preference.5.
Career-long applicationOur distinctive approach to leadership isn't just about mastering information.

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