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MBA students find leadership development programs an attractive career option after graduation.
One of the strongest sources of innovation and leadership is with entrepreneurs, so it is no surprise that top business schools across the country are expanding programs and support for students looking to start their own companies. Some MBA programs have such a strong entrepreneurship focus, they spawn successful companies, as in the case of Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. In other cases, an MBA will enter in a specific role at mid-management level, often in business development, marketing, strategy, finance, or operations. Rather, business schools are enriching their programs with opportunities such as global travel, entrepreneurship mentoring, and social welfare initiatives to build future world leaders. Two students carry out the experiments nevertheless, as it took on the type of executive coaching can corporate leadership programs mba be in harmony with. A glance at the boards of most Fortune 500 or S&P 500 companies will reveal plenty of MBAs working behind the scenes.
Most MBA programs now incorporate international travel to help build compliment time on-campus.
NerdWallet’s MBA Comparison Tool focuses on the quantitative comparisons of salaries and job placements, but here we feature the innovative qualitative programs that are successfully training tomorrow’s global leaders.

Typically MBAs, with their broad management training combined with several years of work experience, are placed in generalist, analyst and strategy positions in large firms. The Thunderbird program has two unique characteristics that distinguish it from other global executive programs: Students can experience field seminars in any of the BRIC countries in addition to the Middle East. Examples include pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline's MBA Esprit program or banking group HSBC's MBA Associate Program.
Today’s business schools offer incredible opportunities to better society with programs that enable students to improve the quality of life for those individuals and markets most in need.
According to the GMAC 2012 Corporate Recruiters Survey (with responses from 1,096 global companies), 66% expect to hire MBAs for mid-level positions.
Part of the Ross School of Business, the Zell Lurie Institute manages three student-led venture funds that provide real-world venture capital experience to MBA students. The recruiters that GMAC surveyed earlier this year indicated the top factors they consider most important when choosing MBA candidates to interview all have one element in common: work experience.
Students can participate in the unique Frontier Market Scouts program in which students work as investment managers and talent scouts in low-income and capital weak regions of the world. Nearly three-quarters of these survey respondents reported they seek to hire MBAs with more than three years of work experience, whether earned before they enrolled in their program or in combination with internships during their program.

The program stretches 7 weeks, enabling participants to truly experience the local culture. The Thunderbird Executive MBA Program is consistently rated among the top international programs in various business school rankings.
Although Wall Street salaries may grab headlines, many students are motivated to earn their MBA to benefit and improve the world. One of the most unique and innovative programs I came across was at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Many of the top MBA programs have strong international programs, but Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business emphasizes social enterprise through their GLOBASE program.

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