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His warning is still applicable today and should be seriously considered in the basic training of young athletes, where early specialization should be avoided at all costs. Children require an entirely different set of training goals than adults when it comes to the development of the young athlete.
During certain periods of a person’s life, he or she will be most sensitive to exercises developing certain training elements. On the field accelerate sprinting to full speed for twenty yards, then try to continue running but slightly slow to a relaxed run for twenty yards, then reaccelerate again.
In closing, the training of the young athlete is much more involved than most coaches realize.

Jeremy Frisch is the owner and director of Achieve Performance Training in Clinton, Massachusetts. One of the major issues facing young athletes today is the many well intentioned, but uneducated coaches who simply train the young athlete with watered down versions of adult training programs. For example, the best age to train for the development of coordination is between six to fourteen. It’s important to realize the teenage and adult movement skill sets differ greatly from the pre-adolescent. Therefore, for the young athlete between the ages of seven to twelve, coordination training should be the main ingredient in his or her development.

Training programs for pre-adolescents will differ greatly from programs for teenagers and adults. Just because the elite athlete power cleans with 300lb for power development does not mean there is any benefit to a nine-year-old cleaning with a PVC pipe.
According to Drabik, author of Children and Sports Training, “Without good coordination the full motor potential of a person cannot be realized.

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