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Dealing effectively with workplace conflict is a useful way to bring important issues to light, open the lines of communication and strengthen relationships.
We conduct quality evaluations after each training day to ensure your complete satisfaction.
When managed well, conflict offers an opportunity to grow both as individuals and as part of a team. If your team is in conflict our expert conflict solutions team will work with you and your colleagues to identify the causes and help you develop genuine solutions to resolve the conflict now and in the future. In Senegal, we are supporting civil society leaders, journalists, and local government leaders with training and resources to contribute to an empowered citizenry under USAID's Peace and Governance Program.
Unmanaged conflict in the workplace can lead to reduced levels of teamwork and cooperation, diminished employee commitment and lower levels of quality and productivity.
When a group is formed conflict has been identified as a natural stage of the group or team’s development. This in-depth training course provides successful strategies to remain composed and deal confidently with disagreements, confrontations, anxiety and anger—before they get out of hand. We have developed a process which we teach on a CONFLICT SMARTS CONFLICT RESOLUTION workshop - where your people will learn tools and strategies that when applied will prevent conflicts from escalating into major disputes. The diagram below shows how these methods vary in terms of how much the conflicting parties participate in resolving the conflict and the extent to which the process builds cooperative long-term relationships between the parties.

This unique course is proven to help professionals deal with a variety of workplace conflicts.
In Kosovo, Partners is helping institutionalize peaceful methods for resolving conflicts by integrating values from indigenous dispute resolution processes into a modern system of professional third party mediation. In Yemen, Partners works with tribal communities to improve their systems for community based conflict mitigation and reconciliation. Some workplaces have had conflicts that started out small and having remained unresolved have grown into more significant issues or productivity challenges. Here at CTO we have a proven track record of providing conflict solutions which have helped hundreds of business teams resolve conflict and become equipped with the skills to prevent and manage future conflicts. As conflict in any workplace is so common, the average manager spends a quarter of their time managing conflict or attempting conflict resolution. Partners Yemen is a facilitator, bringing different parties together and helping them think differently and consider alternative options for addressing conflicts.
Many managers are not trained in conflict resolution so conflict can become challenging and very often is not resolved. Important elements of the comprehensive approach include skills such as conflict analysis, addressing the root causes of the conflict, strengthening traditional tribal conflict prevention and resolution systems, and building in-country conflict management and mitigation capacity.
Conflict in workplaces is inevitable which is why conflict resolution and conflict resolution skills are essential.

Manick: "As per PMI, forcing should be the last resort if other conflict resolution techniques like Confrontation could not work.
The question relates to "Conflict Resolution Techniques" from Project Human Resources Management. This Conflict Resolution workshop is designed for people wanting to save time by knowing how to quickly resolve differences and how to effectively manage difficult situations and people.
A Corporate Training Oz Conflict Resolution Expert will undertake a thorough assessment of the conflict in your team or business and tailor design a conflict resolution solution which will result in conflict eradication and empowerment of your managers and team members to reolve future conflicts with ease. When conflict is not resolved it can worsen and create ongoing tension among work teams leading to communication breakdowns and significant drops in productivity.
At Corporate Training Oz we understand how conflict can become toxic and by learning some conflict resolution skills and strategies this can be avoided and conflict can be eliminated leading to team relationships and productivity levels significantly improving again.

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