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A degree in communication disorders can lead to a satisfying and rewarding career in health care, medicine, research, or education. Communication disorder degree programs focus on the basics of understanding speech, language, and hearing processes, as well as preparing the student to diagnose specific communication disorders. Many people who decide to study communication disorders have either been affected by a disorder themselves, or have witnessed the effects of a communication disorder on a loved on.
It takes a special kind of person to work with patients who suffer from communication disorders.
If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of those with communication disorders, you might want to consider a career in speech pathology, audiology, deaf studies, or speech therapy. Many students preparing to enter a specialized field such as communication disorders often wonder exactly what they can do to prepare for their undergraduate education.
The study of communication disorders can be an entryway into a career as a speech pathologist or audiologist, or it can simply supplement a related course of study. Communication disorders professionals are eligible for a wide variety of careers in the treatment, diagnosis, and research fields. Speech-Language Pathologist: These professionals do everything from diagnosing communication disorders to creating effective treatment plans. Speech-Language Educator: Working as teachers at all levels, speech-language educators seek to promote understanding about communication disorders. Special Education Instructor: Working at a public or private school, these educators see to the needs of those with communications disorders, helping them learn how to communicate to their other teachers and peers.

Children's Hearing Specialist: The communication disorder equivalent of a pediatrician, these specialists focus on the disorders most commonly found in children.
Communication science and disorder degree programs prepare students to diagnose and treat a variety of hearing and speech disorders in children, the elderly, or patients who have suffered speech or hearing trauma.
Students can move on to a graduate program to become a speech pathologist or audiologist, or they can use their communication disorder training right out of college to work for a public or private school as a special education teacher or speech therapist.
A health and medical degree in communication disorders is the first step toward a satisfying career in any of these fields.
Having some basic skills before you begin your studies can make the application process, as well as the educational process, easier. Many colleges, including accredited online universities, offer communication science and disorders as a major and a minor, with degrees ranging from supplemental certificate programs to the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees. This training can prepare you for study in a variety of graduate programs, not just communication disorders programs.
They also act as advisors for the teachers and families of the patients, to help them adjust to the presence of the communication disorder. These instructors are often the only way students with communication disorders can communicate or learn in a traditional school environment. Speech therapists use a variety of speech exercises to get rid of a stutter or a lisp, for example.
Many organizations that work with people affected by communication disorders search for compassionate volunteers to aid them in their work.

Volunteering can provide a student with valuable experience while enhancing a college application. Experience with alternative forms of communication, such as American Sign Language (ASL), can also help a student gain valuable perspective on how to help patients with communication disorders. Even learning a new language such as French, German, or Italian can reacquaint a student with the difficulties of learning or re-learning how to speak. College admissions officers recommend that incoming students focus their high school studies on anatomy, biology, and psychology.
There are also usually a small number of general education requirements, like humanities, math, social sciences, and general science courses unrelated to the discipline of communication disorders.
Students who wish to prepare for their undergraduate degree or to reacquaint themselves with the field can take advantage of numerous preliminary certificate courses.
Some undergraduate programs do not allow students to apply for the major until their junior year, after they have completed all the necessary general education requirements and maintained an acceptable grade point average.

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