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This comprehensive and highly practical training course was designed to build delegates' communication skills with the assumption that clear and confident communication is a vital skill in business.
The Communication Skills training course delivered by experts at Corporate Coach Group will provide delegates with essential skills to communicate more effectively. Completion of this course will allow the delegate to apply for an Institute of Leadership and Management certificate of attainment and membership of the ILM, for a small additional payment. Management training courses for everyone, but specialising in communication skills and assertiveness training. The world famous Dale Carnegie Course is one of the only organizational communication training programs that is proven to make you more effective by boosting your engagement levels. This effective communication training course will help you master the human relation skills demanded in today's tough business environment. The course is part of the Kubik project, the objective of which is to support and promote economic activity in Anoia District. Confident communication will make a professional team function more effectively, improve its internal dynamics and the collaboration with the partners.
The aim of the course is to give you the confidence and skills to start applying for and getting office jobs. This Business English - Communication Course is essential for anyone who is serious about embarking on a career in office work or who is already working in this field but needs to improve the quality of their communication in English.
This course is available to study in our training centres in London's Holborn, Notting Hill and Croydon, and Central Manchester, and can also be studied at home via distance learning.
Become familiar with the course content, know about different sorts of communication, construction of a sentence, sentence structure, subject and verb agreement, correct use of punctuation, know about common errors, including use of the apostrophe.

Understand how to alleviate fears when doing a presentation, learn how to structure and prepare a presentation, know how to use your voice for effective communication and learn about non-verbal communication in a presentation.
You can start this course at any time (no waiting for term to start) and come in to study at times to suit you during our long opening hours which include evenings and Saturdays. Holborn Training Ltd operates 4 Pitman Training centres in London's Holborn, Croydon & Notting Hill, and in Manchester under the franchise Pitman Training Group. Fill out your details to find out more about Business English - Effective Business Communication. Your contact information will be forwarded to the course provider who will contact you with further information.When you enter your personal information via our website we will include you in our e-newsletter. Poor communication in the workplace is rarely A problem, it’s nearly always THE problem. This course is for Team Leaders and Managers at all levels who want to examine how their every action and communication (or even lack of them) can have an effect on the behaviours and beliefs of their team.
As with all Impellus open courses there is no role play and no-one is asked to stand at the front or demonstrate techniques. This course can optionally be taken as one of the courses that contribute to an ILM Level 3 Award.
Clear, practical and extremely informative training courses designed by Corporate Coach Group are for anyone who needs to get the best from themselves and other people. Dale Carnegie of Pennsylvania offers workplace training throughout the state, including leadership, corporate & executive training programs in Philadelphia. See the results of a study that shows levels of employee engagement in the workplace and how people who have taken the Dale Carnegie Course are 62% more likely to be engaged than the average employee.

Pitman Training is one of Britain's largest providers of Office Skills, Secretarial, Bookkeeping and Microsoft Office Training. This course gives Managers essential strategies and skills to successfully deal with their teams, situations or difficult individuals. The material allows delegates to comfortably examine communications strategies and techniques for ensuring that they generate the behaviours they want from others. Delegates typically have diverse experience from first-time team supervisors to much more experienced managers who have no formal training or qualification. Thus two delegate days could be one person on a two-day training course or two separate one-day courses, or two people taking a one-day course either together or separately. Specialists in training, coaching, open courses, in-house training, learning and development and team building. The students will go on to carry out practical work in the communications departments of a number of businesses in the district, where they will be able to apply the knowledge that they have gained. You'll develop more effective communication skills and be better equipped to perform as a persuasive communicator, problem-solver and focused leader.

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