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We spend a major portion of our time in communication so communication techniques is the most essential for management.
The principles of departmentalization by itself lead to frictions and acts as a barrier to communication.
To highlight the need for ongoing communication skill development for AHPs and provide a resource which can be used to facilitate this process. Motivational interviewing (MI) is a cognitive-behavioural technique, which aims to help patients identify and change behaviours that may be putting them at risk of developing health problems or may be hindering the management of an ongoing condition [44]. Rolling with resistance – a skillful technique that can help change a persons’ perspective.
Primarily the AHP should have the basic level of communication skills to use with their patient.
Student AHPs reported that discussing issues regarding terminal illness with patients to be difficult and uncomfortable, stating they lacked the appropriate communication training [24].
The misuse of these interpersonal and communicative skills can become barriers not only to physician-patient relationship but also to the effectiveness of the treatment.The image below represents a number of barriers which may be experienced.
Health care professionals' death attitudes, experiences, and advance directive communication behavior. AHPs not trained regarding the correct communication strategy to use when delivering bad news may cause a patient to distort information, become overly optimistic and recruit a state of denial.
Communication using de-escalation strategies were found to be much more effective in coping with patients who are becoming aggressive [37]. With these substantial influences on patient health outcomes, the importance of effective communication is further highlighted. This includes understanding the benefits of effective communication, identifying barriers to initiating communication and selecting appropriate techniques to enhance communication. Empathy is a barrier to communication often overlooked when dealing with violent or aggressive patients [32]. The inability of healthcare providers to empathise with patients, especially with those having self-harming behaviours, was another major barrier to effective communication [7] [11]. A written communication may be conveyed through a letter, report, circular, memorandum, notice, note and so on. This package is designed to help all Allied Health Professionals improve and develop their communication skills.

An effective strategy to respond to the important implications mentioned above is the recruitment of the SPIKES communication approach. Patients have two fundamental needs in terms of communication, the need to know and understand and the need to feel known and understood [42]. Breaking bad news such as a poor prognosis, diagnosis, recurrence or transition to terminal care require a higher level of communication to ensure both patient and healthcare worker understand and deal with the circumstances appropriately. A coping and communication support intervention tailored to older patients diagnosed with late-stage cancer.
A communication skills intervention for community healthcare workers: Perceived patient aggression is reduced.
These include verbal and non verbal communication, empathy, patient centred care, efficient transmission of information, good rapport, and collaborative and patient centred care [43]. Strensrud, Mjaaland and Finset analysed questionnaires sent to GP’s to rate their confidence in communicating with patients suffering from severe mental illness[12]. This type of communication is aimed to gather information about low-level employees attitude towards management, production and marketing information.
It is a very common form of communication in most of the organizations and is suitable for many situations.
This 12-page educational communication and patient safety training tool is the perfect way to train healthcare professionals  about assertive behavior and set expectations for speaking up in the interest of better communication and patient safety. Effective communication between AHPs and patients is essential and can influence the effectiveness of any conversations regarding weight loss  [16]. Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) use communication as a primary tool for gathering information in order to diagnose, counsel, rehabilitate and build a therapeutic alliance with patients [2]. The study focused on what the patients remembered to be an effective communication strategy recruited by their healthcare provider. Training in communication for nurses and communication skills for all healthcare professionals tuses a patient safety model for assertion that is direct and uncomplicated.
These interpersonal skills consist of verbal and non-verbal communication of a willingness to collaborate with the aggrieved individual in search of an alternate solution to the current problem[52]. Time constraints, lack of knowledge about mental illness and frustration were also found to contribute to ineffective communication between patient and healthcare provider [5] [9] [11]. We welcome your questions and inquiries about communication and patient safety and our other programs, products and services.

A lack of knowledge and skill in relaying information about terminal illness and death is a major barrier to effective communication between AHPs and terminal patients [23].
There is a recognized need to discuss obesity with patients to promote health and well being, however, many AHPs are often uncomfortable communicating the need for weight loss to their patients [15] [16].
AHPs that incorporate effective communication techniques into interactions with patients are able to enhance patients’ health outcomes and satisfaction [3].
However, barriers such as fear, frustration, empathy and lack of skill or knowledge prevent AHPs from communicating with disgruntled patients[32]; [33]. A study investigating the management of patients with mental health disorders found a consensus from the AHP’s that their needs to be formal training in communicating with patients who have mental health disorders in order to help healthcare staff provide better care for their specific needs [8]. It is commonly thought that physician- patient communication within the NHS has been generally adequate and of no cause for concern.
The study examined students with formal training in communicating terminal illness and found these students were more confident in addressing these sensitive issues [24].
Research has identified a number of key elements of communication as being fundamental to building patient-physician relationships. In summary, the negative stigma associated with mental illness appears to be a major barrier to effective communication and treatment for this population.
The onus of these complaints has been predominantly put on the breakdowns in communication and lack of satisfactory bedside manner of healthcare professionals. The healthcare provider use the approach to plan communicating the news in the best way, which holds a reflective role to reduce anxiety or fear for the AHP. Our in-service training package was designed to aid AHPs in developing effective communication skills which can translate to difficult situations that may arise in their own healthcare setting. All healthcare providers, especially those working autonomously, should be able to effectively communicate with patients about mental illness to ensure that the patient is receiving adequate care and is referred on to the appropriate care pathway [9].Providing treatment and care for patients suffering from mental disorders is emotionally demanding and requires a high level of communication [10]. AHPs with insufficient knowledge about weight loss methods or techniques feel uncomfortable approaching the conversation and tend to avoid it completely [18].

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