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The primary goal of Theme A is to improve scores on the Communication Scorecard by 20%. This workshop teaches you proven techniques for developing an effective communication strategy designed to address real audiences and accomplish real goals. This model is effective for all strategic communication tasks -- from a one-time communication between a boss and subordinate to communicating a large-scale business change across the organization. The primary goal of Theme C is to meet milestones in the plan by incorporating the sustainability definition and meeting certain milestones in the Plan by the end of the year.

On an individual level, strategic communication helps an executive or manager get things done--whether it’s getting a colleague to collaborate, a subordinate to execute a task, or a boss to agree to an idea.
At the heart of our method is a thorough strategic communication model that culminates in a well-thought out communication plan. Communication Planning Matrix Timing Audience Target Message Delivery Sender Commitment Content Methods Level This is often an iterative process!!1.
Identify the target audiences (by role or name) that are important for successful strategy achievement.

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