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This slide is prepared to familiarise my engineering students (B Tech first year) of University of Calicut with the syllabus and other details of their Humanities and Communicative Science course. Of the transferable skills listed in the survey, management and grant application skills are considered the most desirable by senior scientists. Another interesting angle to this is that senior scientists value the importance of research ethics and peer-to-peer communication skills for research students (in contrast to themselves) very highly (4,4 and 4,2 points on a scale from 5-1), whereas bioethics and public communication skills are valued less important for the students (3,6 and 2,8 on the scale).

The Law of importance of communication skills Attraction is to really matter whether or not I had adequate and better social capacity.
In other words, senior faculty values more general mind-expanding skills for themselves and wants their students to stick to narrow technical training.

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