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Communication and interpersonal skills donnelly and neville, interactive online training - . UPSC has designed the CSAT paper II to assess the prospective administrator`s logical and rational ability and take decisions as warranted by the situation. Keeping this in mind, Interpersonal, Communication, Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills for CSAT Paper II, deals with this subject area with great depth and makes the aspirant hone his or her skills. CSAT Super Course incorporates all the essential changes made in the examination pattern prescribed by the UPSC and organizes the content systematically to help candidates prepare well and evaluate their level of competency as they progress with the syllabus.

This book is carefully designed to serve as a comprehensive, one-stop resource manual for reading comprehension, general mental ability, basic numeracy, and communication and interpersonal skills.
The first one gives an overview to the student of this particular domain and also discusses the questions asked related to it in CSAT 2011.
Practice exercises at the end of the chapter and practice tests at the end of the book facilitate a better understanding of the concepts and provide candidates with adequate exposure to the examination pattern improving their state of readiness for the examination.
Contents Part A Communication and Interpersonal skills Chapter 1 Communication Skills and Conversational Analysis Chapter 2 Barriers of Communication and Emotional Intelligence Chapter 3 Persuasion, Negotiation and Team Skills Chapter 4 Leadership, Assertion, Delegation, Meetings, Social Power and Conflict Management Part B Decision making and Problem Solving Chapter 1 Courses of Action Chapter 2 Statements and Conclusions Chapter 3 Cause and Effect Chapter 4 Caselets Chapter 5 Situation Analysis Practice Exercises Practice Test 1 Practice Test 2 Practice Test 3 Practice Test 4 Practice Test 5 Practice Test 6 Practice Test 7 Solutions Practice Test 1 Practice Test 2 Practice Test 3 Practice Test 4 Practice Test 5 Practice Test 6 Practice Test 7 Printed Pages: 278.

And there are chapter-end questions that`ll help the students prepare better and crack this prestigious examination.

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