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Unfortunately though, in some corporate cultures, you would be hard pressed to find these types of coaching conversations. Now imagine that genuine coaching conversations are the norm throughout an organization and employees are asked to solve problems, be innovative and think critically and strategically. For example, on several occasions I have heard a manager say, “Let me give you some coaching around ABC,” and they proceed to explain to an employee why the employee failed to accomplish a task.

Each time a manager misses out on the opportunity to have a coaching conversation with an employee, he or she risks losing this opportunity for development and potentially negatively impacting that employee’s engagement and motivation to do their job.
More times than not, I have seen the recipient of this so-called “coaching” walk away disillusioned by what they think was a coaching experience. In The Coaching Solution: How To Drive Talent Development, Organizational Change and Business Results, you will see how implementing internal coaching programs are a major contributor to improved corporate culture, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, company performance and, therefore, results.

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