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Poor communication of the company affects not only externally, but one of the worst effects that may generate has to do with the deterioration of personal relationships within the team, causing distrust and internal motivation. When there is no communication, the person changes his status VIP (Very Important Person) to a less optimistic as that of RIP (Rest in Peace). Enrique Sueiro notes that "the motivation has to do with feel heard and important." When companies don’t make feel this way to their employees, could be happening noises or barriers in communication. Setting good communication channels, training and management skills are essential for the proper functioning of the companies. As a result of good communication between worker - worker, worker - manager and manager - managing the company and employees will be more successful  achieving their goals. Good communication will all strive to reach a common goal and improve the working environment throughout the organization.

The mind map below shows effective communication in organizations in phases including collaborative characteristics.
There are many methods to improve communication in companies, but the most important are Group Teaching, Coaching and Personalized Feedback. All employees should receive some form of regular, one to one communication with their manager, whether it is through a formal meeting or an informal chat in the canteen.Employees should be given time to prepare out of courtesy and to promote a two - way discussion.
Encourage communication across departments and functions by creating teams to work on projects such as identifying cost savings.
Within companies, there must always be proper communication that allows keeping all workers, about certain topics that interest them also.
On the other hand, an effective communication will benefit all the company, because people will work in a better way, give better customer service and of course will produce or develop better products and services.

You can get useful information from employees who may not otherwise be involved and it is another effective workplace communication method.
This is great for breaking down barriers between departments and building better communication in the workplace.
Our top 12 suggestions are listed below.For a step by step approach, download our Communication Pack.

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