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The career path offers the opportunity to become certified as an eXpert, Architect, LEAD Architect and Chief Architect.
The Individual Performance Coaching is an integrated element of the certification path and will take the participants on a journey of personal and professional development through all the different aspects of value, services, process and enterprise architecture, information, technology and transformation.
For each module consisting of 5 training days you will receive 0.5 days of Individual Performance Coaching to support you in the practical case you will be working on. Coaching draws from the fields of Adult Learning Theory, Philosophy, Psychology, Consulting, Management Theory, and Spirituality. I'd spent over a year soul searching, desperately needed to identify my new path and getting nowhere. As a career professional, Susan has worked with clients ranging from students to CEO’s.

A strategist with a creative and pragmatic approach to career development, Susan helps her clients envision their next career or life phase and take action. Susan blends her background in Career Development and uses Reach Personal Branding tools to coach her clients. Upon an agreed mutual fit, Susan will send you a customized contract for your coaching engagement and further collaborate with you to define the coaching objectives and your desired outcomes. Each career certification path includes training and coaching in day-to-day projects to ensure skills are applied in real-world.
Less than one third of organizations worldwide have a clearly defined project management career path. They are prepared to invest in working with a well-qualified partner to make the improvements they want to see in their lives and careers.

The certification courses are offered as a chosen career path, company programs, skills taxonomy and as team project-oriented programs. This seminar offers business leaders and executives for Human Resources and Recruitment Agencies the opportunity to hear about the key benefits of using Psychometric assessments coupled with Coaching services to assess new employees being hired or even re-positioning of existing employees to better utilize their resources.

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