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The training was really interesting and useful and has helped clarify many important concepts related to my job. Gain clarity about your personality and styles as they interact with your spirituality and religious practices. True Course Life and Leadership Development includes True Course Living, Learning, Leading, LLC and True Course Ministries, Inc.
Key Objective: At the end of the course, you will be able to apply the 7 Key Coaching Skills for Success in preparation for its effective use in Transformational Coaching.
Key Objective: At the end of the course, you will be able to engage in powerful coaching conversations in the workplace, using the Transformational Coaching Model. Uses training, coaching, mentoring, action and experiential learning all in one comprehensive results-based learning solution a Includes cutting-edge tools, learning materials and best-selling books to support effective learning, application and for ongoing research. A continuous learning intervention over 5 months that leads to professional mastery of coaching and mentoring. The 3 awards obtained throughout the program offers great reward for achievement and motivation to learn, apply and succeed.
Develop a coaching and mentoring culture in your organisation, so that managers are able to provide effective support for the development of others and improve their performance. Michael came alongside me and helped me develop habits and goals that would not only help me successfully navigate that period of my ministry, but also help set me on a lifelong journey of successful ministry. Godfrey on a regular basis to receive valuable mentoring that will help you develop into a better leader for your business, family, and community. Michael upholds standards and ethics geared at helping you achieve increase in all capacities. I highly recommend Michael if you are looking to grow and increase your professional success. I would recommend Michael to anyone who's serious about growing personally and professionally.

A mentor is able to act as a role model and share a great wealth of experience, connections and expertise to teach, advise, guide and support the mentee to achieve accelerated results and growth. Wealth Consciousness University, we have revolutionized establishing systems, practices, and items that are not.
Encourage young development and manifestation often get either frustrated or depressed when success stays out of attain.
MelAus PartnersCOACHING AND MENTORING TRAINING COURSESAre delivered by traininadaycoaching and mentoring, training courses. Michael Godfrey is leading me to know myself better so that I can love who I am and function at the highest level possible. Leaders are effective when they are able to coach, mentor and develop followers to produce sustainable results. Key Objective:At the end of the course, you will be able to apply the six essential mentoring techniques in any mentoring opportunity or situation. Comprehensive and effective assessment of each participant to demonstrate attainment of bottom-line results from coaching and mentoring. Individuals with a background in Business, Management, Leadership, HR, Training and Development, and Service or Helping Professions.
My coaching experience is a journey of self-discovery that energizes who I am and how my life impacts others daily.
Michael Godfrey has had a lasting impact on my journey of faith and call which through True Course Ministries allowed me to embrace His unique plan and purpose for my life and His glory.
As a coach he has helped me focus on the areas where I can make the most difference in our organization, be more effective in my role, and work from my strengths to accomplish more. I cannot stress how vital the mentoring and life coaching has been for clarity in ministry.
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Develop emotional, intellectual, and psychological foundations to open the way for strong spiritual development. The fact that Michael genuinely cares about each individual, as well as the team as a whole, is evident and central to getting great results.
Successful completion of the course equips you with the use of advanced coaching and mentoring techniques that would help selected mentees and coachees achieve their breakthrough goals in work and life.
I whole-heartedly recommend Michael to any group or team who wishes to develop and enjoy its maximum potential. Coaching creates a great sense ofownership, accountability and commitment from the coachee that enables greater accomplishments in work and life. Whichmay , is a day leadershiplearn the experiencedthis coaching candidate receivesadvanced.
Gain clarity about and appreciation of the role of your spirituality in your personal growth. Recognized and approved by ICF (International Coaching Federation) the worlds leading professional non-profit professional body for coaching. He helps you develop insight and planning that begins at the very core of you and your staff.
Your coach will help you to really identify the things that prevent you from achieving the results in life that you desire and support you to develop a plan, take action and enjoy success! I believe my life is just one example of many lives being transformed through coaching with Michael Godfrey. His professionalism and expertise was evident from the start and I reaped immediate benefits.

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