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Despite slogans that tell employees that they “are responsible for their own growth and development,” the reality is clear – without motivation, support, and coaching from managers, employees have a difficult time developing their talents on their own.Research shows that the support and effective involvement of managers is the single most important factor in determining whether what an employee learns in a classroom transfers into behavior change on-the-job. The coaching leadership style is unique in that it is the only leadership style that is primarily focused on developing others. The bottom line is the coaching leadership style enables you to empower others and thereby leverage their potential to achieve greater results.
There are a range of different leadership styles relevant to different situations – so in a crisis it would serve little purpose to employ a coaching leadership style – what’s called for is an authoritative or directive style. Firstly, identify the GOAL = A coaching conversation starts by setting a clear goal – a clear understanding of what the “coachee” wants to achieve by the end of the conversation.
Secondly, explore the REALITY = is about developing awareness and understanding of why the current situation is as it is. Try it out – don’t worry if it feels awkward, just keep practicing the GROW conversation – it will very quickly become intuitive – experience the value and benefits of being a more effective leader as coach. About the Author: As a leadership coach, mentor, practitioner and scholar, my purpose is to help others realise their leadership potential by facilitating lasting positive behavioural change. If you would like us to call you to discuss any our services please leave your details, a suitable time and we will get back to you.
Our behavioral approach uses Path4 and Path6 profiles to allow the leader being coached to understand his or her behavioral strengths, struggles, and potential blind spots.

Investing at the top pays off by allowing a positive, developing-others approach to filter down throughout the organization, improving results and relationships as it goes. The Path4 assessment teamed with Path6 provide unqiue insights into individuals and teams that are unattainable by any existing stand-alone assessment. This half-day informational seminar introduces you to the basic concepts of Emotional Intelligence based on the latest research and best practices from Fortune 500 companies. RightPath partners with organizations of all sizes to fill their talent assessment and development needs. I agree to Shutterstock's Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Licensing Terms and to receive emails that I can opt out of at any time. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time.
Consequently as you develop your coaching leadership style your team member’s will grow in confidence, capability and capacity.
That said the coaching style is most appropriate when learning opportunities present themselves – such opportunities are in abundance. Solutions are sought and not given – it’s your responsibility as the coach to elicit the coachee’s ideas and solutions to their challenge or issue before volunteering your own ideas. Coaching focus on what works – it’s about leveraging what works – it’s not about reinventing the wheel.

The coachee is accountable – the coachee has to be held responsible for developing and implementing their plan of action.
The greater the level of awareness and understanding they develop about their challenge or issue, the easier it is for the coachee to identify an appropriate course of action.
Your role as the coach is to help the coachee explore their thinking and identify a preferred solution without judgment or evaluation. This is where the rubber hits the road in that this is where the coachee commits to a clear and specific plan of action. At RightPath's Train the Trainer in Atlanta, GA you will become a certified RightPath Facilitator, and gain the skills to use and interpret Path4 and Path6 assessments for professional development and team building.
This is arguably the most important stage of the coaching conversation and should account for 60% of the total conversation.

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