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And of course there are many business theories about leadership.  You must know how to influence people, plan strategically, cross pollinate your departments, etc. The Christian Leadership Training diagram above outlines the foundation of a good leader and will serve as our guide for the remainder of this Christian leadership course. During the next several Christian Leadership Training lessons we will explore each of these Christian leadership basics in greater detail.
Effective Christian leadership also applies aptly to organizational management, where we must first learn to recognize these characteristics, and then practice them. We provide training in church to reach the youth effectively and help the church to start youth fellowships that will help the youngsters to grow in the knowledge of Christ.
You will be challenged to think about your purpose for ministry, leadership development, building a prayer support team, peer evangelism, ministry training, programming and much more.

The Bible Trainer’s Children Ministry Training is aimed at any team – however large or small – that works with children in a Christian setting, whether in a church or in the community. The training will inspire, encourage and give you fresh tools and vision to equip you in what can be a challenging and unappreciated task.
Every tribe in the Christian Community is struggling to find the leaders who will inspire, motivate, and influence the Church to live into the potential God has placed within us. The early followers of Jesus understood the need to gather as a church in small groups for support, encouragement, and training for ministry. We Provide training to the church so that the church can implement the care cell concept and strategy in their church and effectively build leaders and equip them for the church growth. This Seminar will empower participants to cultivate right perspective towards God’s design for marriage and parenting and also how to build a happy and successful Christian Family.

How we react and learn to accept these assignments determines how effective we become as Christian leaders. An effective process of church leadership training usually includes a combination of different forms based on the leadership focus and resources available.
Many Christians have discovered that Christian Counseling is more consistent with their beliefs than secular counseling, and can provide real solutions to the problems that challenge them.

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