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The ACA program gave me more insights into working with parents, and greater confidence in working with the athletic program, my assistants and players.
And once you understand the needs of your players, their parents, and your colleagues, establishing yourself as the Alpha Coach is flat-out easy. An alpha coach is the coach that every player wants, every coach wants to be, and every parent respects. The kind of coach who automatically commands the respect of team parents, so they don’t butt in and undermine every decision. You simply can’t take dry theory and abstract instructions and apply it effectively to living, breathing kids, parents and colleagues.
And we haven’t even factored in tuition (up to $12,000 for one certification program!), and textbook costs, and the virtual impossibility of finding a program near you that works with your schedule… and within your time frame. I got specific examples on how to coach individual athletes as well as a team, and also how to handle parent influences.

The ACA certification has caused my confidence level to rise, and my ability to teach and motivate has also been quite effective.
The materials covered in the ACA certification course will definitely get you started in taking action to realize your goal as a coach. What you DO need is to allow the simple secrets of how to customize your coaching to be introduced directly into your brain. When players got bent out of shape about Coach Holbray’s calls… or when their raging hormones led to emotional meltdowns… Coach Holbray had to deal with viciously protective parents. They got into coaching to spend time with their own children, or because they wanted to make a difference in their communities by helping out local kids. ACA injects your brain with the most sought-after, field-tested, inside secrets to successful coaching.
Scenario-based lessons form the foundation of the American Coaching Academy certification system.

So while others were still searching for the information – he was at practice using his new coaching skills.
THEN whatever coaching activity you do – team practice, administrative meeting, parent participation, competition – you will have the juice to motivate, connect, and inspire everyone you meet.
Coach Holbray learned the right way to communicate with her players and eliminated the meddling and undermining attempts of the “bad apples” among players and their parents.

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