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If you are like most people I coach, you are seeking to live a more authentic and satisfying life.
I believe that the earlier you create your authentic vision, the more fulfilling life can become. While personally facing aging and renewal, I became a national pioneer and thought leader in the Life Planning and Positive Aging movements. To balance the satisfaction of my coaching business and volunteer work, I cherish time with family and friends.
I contributed to the Life Planning Network’s guide to preparing for the Second Half of Life. To get maximum results out of the coaching experience, it is vital that client and coach create a trusting, working relationship. I do all my coaching by telephone from Falls Church, Virginia, so my clients can live globally.

Couples benefit from creative coaching when they are 4-8 years from retirement and designing their next chapters.
My passion is working with people like you who are curious and absolutely believe in transforming their career in order to increase their well-being. At 19 I studied abroad in Colombia, South America and immersed myself in a Latino way of life. No matter what one’s age, it’s never too soon to pursue greater self awareness and take risks so that a genuine life can be intentionally designed and pursued.
I think working with you laid the groundwork that helped me value myself enough to make major changes in my life – changes that were necessary for me to move forward. If your career continues as is, you will suffocate from boredom, frustration, or hopelessness. By going through a process of clarifying what is important to you as an individual, communicating that with your partner and crafting a complementary vision, you can ensure a more authentic life together.

What resulted is an enduring passion for helping others, teaching, travel and lifelong learning. What I bring to their journeys is my expertise in a present-focused, strength-based, intuitive, and action-oriented style of coaching. If you want a coach, a speaker, or a workshop presenter, please complete the form below and I will get right back to you.

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