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Becoming a newly minted millionaire comes at a personal price for many lottery winners: They lose their anonymity.
Buxton claimed his cash from the California Lottery without the fanfare of a news conference — even covering his face in a publicity picture with the standard oversized check. Still, that will do little to stop friends, family and random acquaintances alike from trying to get a piece of his windfall, lottery experts say. California is among the majority of states that compel lottery winners to be publicly identified if they want to collect their cash. Six states — Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio and South Carolina — allow winners to remain anonymous. It was all part of a deliberate display that Buxton orchestrated after he realized he bought the winning ticket in the Feb. Buxton, a regular lottery player, had already purchased one ticket for the drawing, featuring one of the largest Powerball jackpots in U.S.

Buxton chose to collect the cash option, which will leave him with $242 million before taxes.
While Buxton may decide to go public down the line, he wants to hold on to as much privacy as possible for now. A man dressed as a Powerball stands by winners who did not want to be identified as they hold a large prop check showing their winnings at the Maryland State Lottery headquarters in 2012.
Despite the near-daily badgering, Wittkowski’s winnings changed his family’s life for the better. Kurland, the lottery lawyer, said new winners can try to limit their public exposure upfront.
And in states where it’s permitted, they can also form a limited liability company so that when a winner’s name is reported, it’s the LLC and not individuals being identified.
Raymond Buxton sacrificed when he came forward Tuesday as the sole winner of the $425 million Powerball jackpot — following six weeks of staying in the shadows.

He told lottery officials he plans to use some of that money to start a charitable foundation focused on pediatric health, child hunger and education. In 1984, the then-28-year-old took home $40 million in the Illinois Lottery — a king’s ransom at the time. Those are the “lottery losers,” said attorney Andrew Stoltmann, who has represented millionaires after they’ve lost their money to con artists and in bad investments. He and his wife invested properly, and were able to live off the money and send their children to college.
For as long as he could, he never told his kids about his good fortune — the fewer people who knew, the better.

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