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Taking any online course takes hard work and dedication and you must have strong management skills to begin with in order to manage yourself and your time. Course flexibility: Regis University offers online courses that are flexible to your schedule allowing you to also interact with your teachers and other students worldwide.
The same award winning faculty that teaches on-campus classes also teach the online versions of their classes and aside from special internships as required to graduate, the classes are 100% online, no need to attend any on-campus classes. A complete application submitted online to the Office of Admissions by the deadline, including the nonrefundable processing fee.
Course flexibility: Walden allows for 24-hour, 7 days a week online class flexibility and allows students to attend online from any location.
Of course, working full-time and getting your MBA at the same time is not an easy task, but with the addition of online options popping up in colleges and universities nationwide, it is certainly obtainable. Arkansas State University Online MBA offers a high powered flexible MBA program geared especially for busy hard working professionals. Kelley’s School of Business online is called Kelley Direct MBA and offers you the opportunity to achieve the success of a dual masters degree with only twelve additional hours of course study. University of Wisconsin allows students that did not major in business to enter the MBA program through their Consortium Foundation Program which is consists of pre-requisite courses and are fully available online. Washington State University’s online MBA prepares students for the real world business industry. This great tutorial also takes you through the resources the college offers such as their online library, how to obtain your books and the online experience as a whole. With the online program, a typical student generally takes 1 – 2 courses during a semester and at this rate can look to graduate in 7 years.
The choice to receive your Master’s in Business Management or Administration (commonly called an MBA) is a personal one, but the achievement can bring great rewards. Carey School of Business is taught by a world renowned faculty, the same teachers that instruct the brick and mortar students. With an action based learning style, students will get the experience they need to succeed in today’s demanding business world. In addition, knowledge of Microsoft Excel is required to take these online courses and if you are not familiar they have a primer course for it as well.
Every three weeks you are required to attend a face-to-face meeting with faculty on campus in Harrisonburg, VA, but all other weeks it will be during an online synchronous class. The online MBA program is geared more towards financial services, but is open to all fields. The faculty at Penn State World Campus are all full time graduate faculty with many years of combined experience in successful business industries and have also been specialty trained to teach online effectively.
The online MBA is taught by the same dedicated faculty that teaches the brick and mortar counterpart.
They have 16 full-time and 6 part-time faculty teaching the online courses and you can complete your MBA in as little as 22 months. Working in business means that you need to have knowledge of the environment within which organisations exist. Many of our business courses are ranked within the top Universities by the Complete University Guide. The MBA in Business Management is designed to give you the chance to advance your career in many ways. MBA Business Management programs are available from many reputable online schools and traditional colleges that have distance learning departments. MBA Business Management- University of North Carolina- This program provides professionals with the chance to earn a valuable degree while continuing their career.
MBA Business Administration- Post University- A leading online university, Post offers the essential skills for business administration at the advanced level in this online MBA program. MBA Business Management- Everest University- As a leading postsecondary school, this university offers concentrations in the MBA program including Business Management. MBA Business Administration- Walden University- This program offers a standard MBA or a self-designed MBA that can be customized for business management with elements that fit specific businesses and educational needs. Executive MBA- Walden University- This executive-level MBA program focuses on global leadership and a higher level of business management for professionals at the top of the business management sector. Accelerated MBA Business Administration- Northcentral University- This accelerated program provides an education in business management and administration in a self-study format that is accelerated for faster learning opportunities.
MBA Business Management- Benedictine University- This general MBA program is available in general and accelerated formats, providing business professionals the management and leadership skills they need to advance their careers in today’s business environment. MBA in Business Administration- Herzing University- This program prepares professionals for advanced management positions throughout various businesses and organizations with specialized training and academic courses for business management and administration. MBA Business Management- Golden Gate University- This program is designed to advance the skills and knowledge of existing business professionals to develop executive leaders for today’s business environment that has changed a lot over the years. MBA, Business Management- Anna Maria College- This program features a team of professors that are also professionals in the business world, providing students with decades of experience and real-world applications.

MBA, Sports Management- Anna Maria College- A degree program for business management at the executive level that focuses specifically on sports businesses and organizations. MBA Executive Management- Ohio University- This degree program is catered to working business professionals looking to gain valuable skills and experience in business management at the executive level.
Global MBA, Executive Management- George Mason University- This degree is an EMBA program that is designed to give executives the training and skills that they need to become successful in business management, including various aspects of business operation and general management principles that are relevant at the executive level of any organization or business structure. MBA, Business Administration- Pepperdine University- Training for experienced professionals who want to acquire skills and confidence to excel in various areas of business management at the executive level, including specialized managerial concepts and training for administrative and leadership roles. EMBA, National Defense Management- George Mason University- This unique degree is an executive-level MBA specifically for managers and leaders within the U.S. MBA Business Administration- Brandman University- This program prepares leaders and managers for positions within various organizations at the executive level, including valuable insight and training in management and administration practices. MBA Business Administration- Brenau University- A degree program that provides general managerial and executive training for business professionals who are looking for career advancement in various areas. MBA Insurance Management- Brenau University- This MBA program is specifically focused on business management principles for insurance businesses, giving managers and leaders the chance to learn specifically about operating a CPCU (chartered property casualty underwriter) business. MBA, Business Administration- Argosy University- this degree program is offered entirely online to provide today’s business professionals with advanced administrative and managerial skills.
MBA Business Management- Liberty University- This program is a self-study course that prepares executives and leaders for advanced management positions and administration within various organizations and businesses, including a variety of courses that focus on topical business courses, management issues, and global business relevance. MBA Business Management- Keiser University- This is a program that is offered online as well as on campus, providing business professionals with the customized solutions that they need for their business training and education at the management level. MBA Business Administration- Jones International University- This is a standard online program with a comprehensive education in business management and administration, including 21st century business practices, managerial finance, operational management, and other topics. MBA, Business Management- DeVry Keller Graduate School of Management- This program provides a focused education in management and leadership within an organization for business professionals who are looking to advance their careers and learn more about advanced business managerial practices.
MBA, Business Administration and Leadership- Tiffin University- An online program that focuses on quality education, this degree trains leaders and managers in various areas of advanced administration and leadership, including strategic management, operations, supply chain management, internet business management, and more. MBA, Business Management- Grand Canyon University- A traditional MBA program that focuses on comprehensive and general business administration and management concepts. MBA, Business Administration- Kaplan University- This school provides students with a focused MBA in administration and leadership, including things like change management, operations management, advanced executive leadership, management principles, finance and accounting, and other related areas of focus. MBA, Business Administration- University of Texas Arlington- This AACSB accredited program focuses on various business principles and practices that develop better leaders for tomorrow’s organizations. MBA, Business Management- IU Bloomington Kelley School of Business- The Indiana University online MBA is ideal for professionals who are looking to advance their career without investing a lot of time and energy into the process. Course flexibility: The business program offers flexibility and adaptability to your schedule.
The University of Wyoming offers an online business administration degree that you may enroll in after showing proof of already completed general education and prerequisite business classes from a community college or university.
With an AACSB accreditation, you can be certain that you are attending a top notch school as this accreditation is the hallmark of excellence in business education with only 20% of the business schools in the world receiving this honor.
Lubin School of Business offers two unique programs, the Executive MBA and their regular MBA program, and both are also another highly ranked business program whose eMBA is regarded as one of the best. Their business program is highly interactive, challenging the student but allowing for the flexibility to be a working professional at the same time. Carey School of Business has a One-Course-At-A-Time format meaning that you take only one course to obtain your MBA at a time allowing for your personal and business life to coexist with your studies and at the most, a semester will include up to three classes taken in 5 week periods per course with an exam week and a short break.
This top-ranked MBA online program will provide you with a competitive advantage in order to achieve success in your future business endeavors.
There is no additional charge for non-Pennsylvania residents.” Great news that non-residents can choose and attend this online MBA program without additional costs involved! The online program allows students to take and compete courses at a part time student pace. The MBA program is 46 credit hours (34 core credits and 12 elective credits) but students have choices from a various group of electives for a more broad study of various areas in business.
You MAY participate in the courses if you wish to add to discussion and complete online assignments with other students. The same faculty that teaches the online programs also teach these same program on campus at Washington State University. A business studies course might include all or some of these subjects; economics, finance, law, marketing, information technology, operations management, strategic management, human resource management and organisational behaviour which includes psychology and sociology.
If you are interested in studying business, management and accounting at undergraduate level there are a number of courses available to you. The degree focuses on various managerial concepts and general MBA topics to provide a comprehensive education for all areas of interest within management and administration.
Joseph’s College- This program is designed to offer a higher management degree program for executive-level employees who want an advanced education. It offers various management specializations for students who want to go even deeper, as well, providing a comprehensive education in all areas of business management at the advanced level.

Training and real-world experience are incorporated into a program that is among the best online MBA schools available today. The focus is on leadership, innovative solutions, and taking action to manage a business at the highest level for increased success. Courses cover operational management, leadership, strategy, and other areas of management and administration for advanced business professionals. Advanced education in business fundamentals and operational management are just a couple of examples of materials covered.
It provides practice and training in basic managerial concepts, advanced and executive leadership, operational management, and more. Fort Hays State University’s online courses are taught by many of the same professors teaching the brick and mortar classes and are heralded as user-friendly.
The Georgia College online MBA is an awarded program that is designed to challenge its students to ready them for a rigorous business industry. The Penn State World Campus strongly engages students to be able to interact with faculty through various types of online communications.
Harbert College of Business at Auburn University is the same quality education you would receive attending its brick and mortar counterpart. Students also have the ability to interact with business professionals and interact with real life business scenarios and problem solving. The online courses offer working professionals whom can not afford to take off time from work many starting points throughout the year to enter the MBA program. All students attending the online MBA program are generally already employed and will have access to all online classes via recorded and archived courses to accommodate your schedule.
The final element that makes up a business degree relates to your personal development; enhancing and developing your skills as a communicator, team member and leader.
Without an understanding of how people feel, what motivates them, how they work together and, generally, how to manage people it will be difficult to succeed in a business career.
With the increase of reputable online MBA programs that offer specialized degrees, more professionals can advance their careers on their own time and get the training that they need for future success. Obtaining a degree online is generally easier and more efficient for professionals at this level, which is why you need to investigate the online MBA programs that you have to choose from. The EMBA program is shorter and accelerated, and when it is taken online, is much more convenient for today’s working executives who need advanced training and education in administration and management. According to their website, California State University at Fullerton’s Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration is ranked #9 by! The Hough School of Business at the University of Florida offers an online version that includes a two year program, 27 months, and a one year program which consists of 16 months of study.
Students enrolled in the online MBA degree programs have seven years to complete the program and, at least, two courses per semester are required.
The program has qualified faculty to lead the students into a sound future in business and their WebMBA is ranked in the top 20 AACSB-accredited distance-learning MBA programs for tuition rates well below the national average. Each week on Thursdays, there will be a scheduled live class online, which is optional to attend.
The majority of business degrees will cover the elements discussed above but they will deliver these elements in different proportions and in different ways. East Carolina University is an affordable business bachelor degree option and offers the online version that is indistinguishable from the on campus option taught by the same faculty. Some courses will focus on the development of your knowledge of the subjects or disciplines relevant to business, whilst others will give greater emphasis on the development of you as a manager and leader. Course Flexibility: Each class offered in the business management program offers limited class sizes and which allows for a more personalized attention to the students. Students have the resources to interact with professionals from a wide range of business industries.
Beginning with a one week residency at Temple University and completing the leadership development course, students will have the opportunity to meet with fellow online classmates and their world renowned faculty.
Graduates from WSU are already equipped with the tools necessary to make important business decisions. You can access Google Calendar as they have partnered with ASU Online to provide course due dates and university deadlines making it super easy to complete coursework on time. Online classes are condensed into 7-week sessions and they tend to be more fast paced and intensive than their classroom equivalents.

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