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Business Courses focuses on teaching students how to run a business successfully and profitably.
Business management requires a very wide variety of skills, which means that studies in this field have a very wide scope. That’s why, through a nationally recognized Integrated Business Curriculum, you will gain valuable practical knowledge and experience not only in operations management, but also in human resources, marketing, finance and other business functions.
Neuro Linguistic Programming is currently high in demand – especially for those people that are running their own business or employed in top positions. Instead of focusing on having a successful business or finding a perfect job, you worry about whether you will make it in business or if you will ever find that perfect job. When our mind, body and soul are all in sync, we enjoy good health, brilliant relationships and an abundance in every sphere of our lives.

Below you will find a list of all the business management courses available, including various production and operations courses.
By signing up for our NLP Course, you will experience the amazing power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in one of our Live Training. We offer accredited management and leadership training for those who really want to make a difference. Contact Success Focus to learn how we can provide your business managers with a toolkit to increase their leadership skills in the workplace. Learn about management, marketing, finance, economics, policy, and other business topics in the context of agriculture and the food industry. Business Coaching builds an extraordinary relationship between the organisation and the coach to build commitment and accountability that transforms the whole organisation to achieve its greatest potential.

The Christian Coaching Federation awarded White Label Status to this training program as the most comprehensive Life Coach Training Program as well as Best Value for Money Training Course in South Africa in 2012.
Communication is key in any relationship, if more people paid as much attention to their marriages as they do to their businesses there would be fewer divorces in the world. If the answer is yes, then PMI’s NQF 4 Operations Management Development Programme is the ideal course for you. These are closely aligned with the professional competencies promoted by COMENSA (The Coaches and Mentors Association of South Africa).

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