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Many people believe that this is the only shortcut they are going afford things like these is by winning the lottery. The Jackpot Number ranges from 0 to 9, and every first prize winner will have a 10% chance of also winning the Jackpot Prize.
The interesting thing is the Jackpot Prize will be accumulated to the next draw if there is no winner for that draw. So, if you are facing hard times currently, then try to buy a Big Sweep ticket today and you could be the next Millionaire.
I am a visitor and i will be here for the next three years i bought a big sweep stakes ticket but i have no clue when the draw date is or if my scratch numbers match as it is written in Malay, can someone please help me and translate what is written and when is the draw date as i am very confused at the moment as i bought 10 tickets please please help me.

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If there is still no winner at 8th Jackpot Prize, then RM1 million of RM1.5 million is divided up to 10 special Jackpot Prizes of RM100,000 each. If always the draw result is not same of the both number then the winner alwasy is the boss of big sweep. Let say, if the Jackpot Prize is not won over 2 consecutive draws, then it will reach RM4.5 million in the following draw. Big sweep results app for 4d big sweep result sweep and big sweep is slow to your latest lottery games like sports toto result directly from your.

If you think that you have lottery luck, then this Big Sweep lottery is a way for you to win and it can really afford you with luxurious cars and decent house.

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