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My own personal road to the perfect time management system was a long one, and it is littered with the carcasses of past attempts. As you move a task name from Incoming to This Month, take the time to fill out those fields. My system is to use time tracking solution such as AdaptRM and to track how much time I spend on different tasks and try to improve.
Maybe this might work for someone who needs this kind of structure, but to me productivity is about doing in the most in the least amount of time and this looks like it takes a LOT of time based upon what I just read.
Also, take time at the beginning of the week to move tasks from the This Month sheet to the identical This Week sheet. Based on all of the reader input here, I think I might explore that further and see if maybe Googlescript coding might help to cut down on the work or complexity to manage this system. If you’re like me, you probably feel like you have a system that’s nearly what you need, but not quite. There’s almost always something missing.
Time tracking tools or using the Pomodoro technique make you procrastinate less by managing your weekly schedule, but don’t help you with organizing your tasks.
It wasn’t until Justin showed me his technique with using LEGOS as a time management method that I started getting an inkling of something that might work better for me. For these reasons, I finally decided to take all of the lessons I’ve learned from past systems that I’ve tested, and combine everything into a single, automated time management system that does it all. Now that you’ve got your weekly schedule ready for use, it’s time to start inputting tasks into your new time management system!

Of all of the time management apps I’ve ever tried, this is one purpose for which ToDoist is perfect. So now, any time you create a Life Goal-related task in ToDoist and apply one of the labels that you’ve created IFTTT triggers for, that task will automatically get loaded into the Incoming spreadsheet. Now, every time you star an email in your inbox, that email subject line gets added to your spreadsheet as another incoming task. The beauty of this is that as you’re scanning emails and you spot an email that requires your time, it needs to become a task scheduled into your workflow. Now that you’ve got your life goals and your daily emails all automated to fill up the incoming tasks queue of your new time management system, it’s time to get down to organizing the workflow of that system.
The key with this system is that it is capable of handling everything, from your life-planning and goal-setting, to the projects that you’re working on right now. I created my Google spreadsheet, named it Master Time Management Sheet, and saved it to My Drive. This led to what I thought would become my best and last time management system of all time, using Trello. Tolkien once wrote, through the character of Gandalf, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” If you want to know the secret to creating the world’s perfect time management system, then you need to listen to Gandalf. It’s the need for simplicity combined with the requirement for it to be all-inclusive that makes finding the perfect system so impossible. But first, create a weekly calendar in the Weekly Schedule sheet by creating one row of days of the week and a column of every half hour for a whole day.

What you want to do is set up labels for these actionable tasks, so that ToDoist automatically sends these to your master Time Management System. It can help you manage everything — tasks related to those important life goals, mundane daily tasks that come out of emails, monthly and weekly duties that you need to perform no matter what, and then the important tasks that you add to the Incoming sheet yourself. So long as you are disciplined enough to sit down and use this system to plan out your upcoming month and week, it’ll increase your productivity many times over. We’re all allotted the same amount of time - 86,400 seconds every day - and it’s up to us how we spend that time. A way to create more time in your schedule, to accomplish everything you dream to accomplish, without losing out on sleep.
This uses the time blocking strategy that Rob recently wrote about — which works quite well. And when I follow what the IFTTT-supplied boxes are, I get a new spreadsheet for every project label.

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