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What Bob Farrell did for customer service in the run away hit Give 'em the PICKLE!, he's doing again for leadership with The Leadership Pickles!
He starts the program out by saying he has worked with thousands of people who honored him with their best efforts and taught him some of his greatest lessons in life and leadership. With fun and clarity, you can introduce what it means to be a leader to new supervisors and managers as well as reinforce the basics of true leadership for the rest of your management team.Managers will walk away with a simple and clear idea of what it means to lead and how to apply what they've learned to their teams.

Don't be surprised if you find your managers spreading enthusiasm, instilling confidence and demonstrating integrity to degrees not seen prior to your implementation of The Leadership Pickles.
As he was talking about leadership, I could feel how deeply he cares and that he really lived this stuff.

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