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We are at that time of year when students are frantically selecting courses for their upcoming year of university.
I love getting to talk with first-year students about what courses they want to take and what they hope to do with their degree. On the other hand, there are the few students that have not yet found their passion and some that just don’t seem to want to be here at all. During my second year, Jeff was able to register for his first year courses and on the days when he was up to it, he would rally all of his energy and go to class.

The best things in life are not those rare moments that are exceptional, but those everyday moments, the routine that we create, the regular ways that we occupy our time and build our life. How it works: GMH visitors vote on all submissions on the 'Vote on Upcoming Stories' page for 4 days, and the best stories each day are posted on the home page.
Because mutual job covering enables credential worldwide that is accredited by the National Commission for. Jeff was told that his diagnosis was terminal and that there was nothing more that they could do for him.

If we can find inspiration in the everyday, we will be present and engaged in ways that will invariably lead to success and happiness.

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