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I remember how excited but terrified I was when I first enrolled in the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. At the time, I was working for the Australian Government and couldn’t decide between a career path in psychology, counselling, or academia. One morning whilst on maternity leave and researching course options, I stumbled across the pink Beautiful You life coach website.
Fast forward to the end of the six month course… I had quit my Australian Government job.
There are so many reasons why I loved the Beautiful You life coach course, but I will restrain myself and only share the below seven.

I was able to become a certified Beautiful You Life Coach and have my profile listed on the Beautiful You Coaching Academy website. Read this blog post for more insights into the impact that the Beautiful You life coach course has had on my life. You will also get to choose one of the below gifts to support you on your Beautiful You life coach journey.
Alternatively, you can book a free Beautiful You Life Coach Q&A Skype session to have a virtual cuppa and chat about the course.
Something about the Beautiful You life coach course, and the people who created it, felt right. So I decided to take a risk.

The comprehensive six month online course not only teaches you how to become a heart-centred and skilled life coach, but also how to build a life and business you love. As a certified Beautiful You life coach and course affiliate, those who sign up through my link will receive the following bonus package (WORTH $1020). And I suddenly knew that my big crazy dreams were not only possible, but would become a reality.

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