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Money Draw Spell Votive candles are dressed with the finest herbs mixed with a scent of Patchouli and Oakmoss that has the strength to attract money, abundance good luck, and financial gain into your life. Create the magic in your life with the power of all natural beeswax spell candles, bath salts,oils and other aromatherapy products.
The herbs are blessed for the power of money drawing which includes herbs of cedar, grains of paradise, basil, patchouli and more.. So go ahead and add herbs around the candle, add spell oils or anything else you think will help bring that magic in your life.

Money draw incense has cedar, patchouli, grains of paradise and many other herbs blended to give that money drawing power. Money Drawing oil is absolutely wonderful as the money drawing oil is blessed by the power of the full moon with all the blended herbs, spices and essential oils in it. The best part is this candle is your own creation in the way you dress it and gives your the privacy to go perform your own specialized magic without having to consult with me to bring the candle to life. You are the magic, you have power to manifest what you want, just believe in your own power when you get creative in your candle spells.

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