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After his call to the Bar, Anthony worked at the Stockwell and Clapham Law Centre for four years doing employment, education and social security law. Anthony and his team are currently looking into the effects of regeneration programmes on ethnic minority groups, for example looking into the effect of redeveloping derelict areas and replacing them with modern complexes which the locals can no longer afford to rent to run their own businesses or to live.
Having lived, studied and work in the U.K, Europe, Asia and New York, Anthony brings a wealth of experience to the firm.

In 1995, Anthony joined Southwark Council, again within the Education and Employment Team where he later became the Acting Assistant Borough Solicitor.
Jemison attempted to run away, but Robinson shot him then stood over his body and shot him several more times, prosecutors said.
Thomas is not only the office manager but also a NAATi translator who is fluent in Indonesian: So if you are in Indonesia and need an appointment with Anthony to discuss your visa options for Australia talk to Thomas.

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