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Alison celebates its 5th birthday this week, and claims to have one million registered learners spread across nearly 200 countries worldwide. Indeed, the health studies diploma is a complete disaster, but I've noticed that the quality varies greatly with the course provider- of which there are several. I was excited about starting this course- so much so that I took valuable time away from finishing my lesson assignments with LSU. It is based in Ireland and uses mainly a mix of advertising and sponsored programs from partners and publishers to enable students to take the courses free of charge.
I don’t think Alison offers credits itself, but the original providers of the online materials, so the accreditation is as strong or as weak as the offering institution. For instance, if you want to learn how to use an Excel spreadsheet for work purposes, one of Alison’s courses will be sufficient. I looked through a program on graphic imaging (forgot the name of the course) and was surprised to find several hours of video lectures and screen capture walkthroughs for each module. It was nothing at all like Health Studies, so my current assessment os ALISON that their programs are hit & miss.
I took their Adobe Photoshop course and completed it, I had no need of the parchment so didn’t shell out for it but the things I learned have been very useful and have enabled me to do much better in what I do. For this much money I can go and get a proper 3 days course and get a diploma at the end that is accreditated! Alison is a great site and I know of many learners that have been able to take advantage of their free educational content.
Overall, a good spread of topics and definitely a strong recommendation for general interest or knowledge supplementation, but I wouldn’t suggest trying to get a job solely off the back of the certificate courses.

No, unless the university offers admissions via a prior learning assessment, and even then the Alison certificate may not be enough. I think it time for Alison to make its diploma acceptable by universities because those courses are very rich in knowledge.
I have come across your blog in my quest to find the best free online course institution to bulk up my CV. An institution like ALISON acts as a means to further ones educational knowledge, where it is up to you to prove what you have learned within a working environment. I have completed this online course of Diploma in Customer service within two days (maximum 3 hours, the assessment was just a joke to be honest) just by reading the material. In most cases it won’t count as a credit towards a degree but employers may be willing to recognize it if the course comes from one of their approved educational suppliers. I thought it would be a try after receiving three diplomas from ALISON and on my fourth, all of which are academic courses.
Alison is a,great choice for anyone who is hungry for knowledge, it is also convenient because everything is online, I earned a diploma in Web design and a Certificate in Visual and Graphic design, since completing these courses I have been able to build professional looking websites, logo design and I’m in the process of starting my own online business, so I highly recommend ALISON to anyone.
ALISON claims that their Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health is Equivalent to QCF Level (UK) – Level 3. Join Date Oct 2009 Location California Posts 6,421 Originally Posted by Maniac Craniac Indeed, the health studies diploma is a complete disaster, but I've noticed that the quality varies greatly with the course provider- of which there are several. The only portion of this course that holds any value would be the brief descriptions of the different nutrients and minerals.
Therefore, one might say ALISON is more of a further education resource and really is no competition for the likes of MIT, Stanford, CM or even OU.

However, you should check with Alison itself about any particular course you are interested in. In some cases, an institution may allow you to use a certificate from Alison towards a qualification so that instead of having to take all their courses, you can be given credit for the courses you have taken through Alison, but not many institutions allow this.
The course goes on to explain what happens when you consume too much or too little of the essential nutrients, but the information overall is meager. I have used Alison courses to prepare for interview several times and was extremely helpful. Although only started in 2007, ALISON graduated over 50,000 people in Certificate and Diploma coursesĀ in 2011.
I must say overall, it is an excellent resource as far as my course area is concerned and I will highly recommend it to anyone who has interest in personal development. Alison must have to cover their costs somehow and charging people for diplomas seems fair enough. A hot tip that anyone using ALISON should remember is that to save time, you should open all pages from a module into different tabs before you read them.
Several people expressed interest in a diploma picture, so here is a pic of the diploma my disabled friend earned at Alison.
The Business and Entrepreneur diploma program is a little better than the health diploma program at Alison, but it's still pretty basic.

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