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Your intentions are good, I am not arguing that for a second, but if you are not watching the other demons at work: your negative thoughts, your negative words, or your negative influencers, then all your hard work is for naught. For one week, every time you find yourself feeling scared, worried, doubtful, say these words. I am still new to affirmations and making friends with meditation so power words work nicely, like Sandra said, because it is so simple. I have been looking for something about affirmations that was both simple and explained well to share with my tween daughter.
As a parent who believes in affirmations and the power of positivity, I feel it’s my job to teach it to my daughter.
This morning I was looking for inspiration and motivation on the World Wide Web and you re-directed my focus. There are many websites and books that have been published containing many prewritten affirmations for all situations if you feel more comfortable in beginning your experience with those.

Come join me each month for this very powerful night of healing during the full moon energy. Revitalize, Re-Balance, Rejuvenate Join Kathy Bradley ~ Angelic Ambassador & Soul Purpose Activator ~ for this powerful 60 minute Quantum Healing Session with John of God Crystal Healing Bed. However, as you become more familiar with using affirmations in your daily life, you will most certainly begin creating and designing your own.
I really appreciate this, Farnoosh, not only for me but because I can now help my daughter understand this simple but very powerful concept (and show her I’m not just making it up).
Affirmations are statements of acceptance that one uses to allow the manifestation of your destiny. Please help me release any worries, and fill my heart with faith that everything is going exactly according to a wonderful Divine plan. No content on this site may be used in any fashion without written consent from Prolific Living Inc.

Write them: As you are learning to do affirmations, write them down so you will remember exactly what you want to say. The full moon is an auspicious time to release any negative blocks as well as those things that do not serve our highest good, with these releases, there must be healing. You may lack the understanding of how to do your job or how to build a relationship with someone but that’s what experience and learning is for. Time: Always have a specific time daily set aside for your meditations, affirmations and visualizations.

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