Dear Parent,

It’s good to meet with you again!

Were you able to check out our Online Parenting Class video on How to Have a Tough Conversation with Your Teenager?

I hope so because we are going to continue this conversation.

Do you find yourself having trouble talking about the difficult subjects in your teen’s life? Do you face cold resistance when you try? Sometimes your teen may not realize you are trying to help, that you are not clueless and that you might know something beneficial. Their body language and verbal cues (not to mention actual words!) might communicate to you that no matter what you say, they are not listening.

If a hard conversation is necessary, there are some things you can do as a parent to break down those silent walls and get to your teen’s heart:

*Cultivate safety and honesty by being safe and honest at other times

*Explain why you care before you begin the conversation

*Consider whether the timing is appropriate; strive to have difficult conversations before there is conflict

*Pray for the ability to be calm. If you are anxious, your teen will sense that and play off of it

*Express your feelings through ͞I statements͟ such as: ͞I worry about you being sexually assaulted, and need to know you are with a group of people when you are out late.͟

*Be open to dialogue

*Be okay with placing the conversation on pause and continuing at a later date

Having hard conversations with your teen might not result in your teen rising up and calling you blessed. You may feel like your words have bounced off a live electrical board.

Remember how God feels about you: he loves you, cares for you, and sits alongside you in the pit (Psalm 40).

This should be your model for Christian parenting, and encouragement when you need to have a difficult conversation. We hope this month’s topic of How to Have a Tough Conversation with Your Teenager provides you with helpful tools for talking about difficult issues.

Please remember that our ministry cares about your family, and we love serving you!

Walking with you,

Pastor Mark

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