Everyone has a need for close relationships, but friendships sometimes get sticky!
The things teens divide over may seem petty, but the hurt that results is very real and mustn’t be discounted. Friendship drama can make your child’s life absolutely miserable. It’s important for parents to acknowledge teenage drama, and to help their child navigate their way through it effectively.

You have the capability of walking your teen through difficult teenage drama in a way that honors God and guards your child against hurt. Take time to listen. Engage your teenager in a conversation that doesn’t tell them how to fix the problem, but helps them discover it for themselves.

Some questions you might consider asking them include:

  • How has this situation affected you?
  • How has it affected the other person?
  • How has it affected the friendship?
  • How does this fit with your idea of what a friendship is all about?
  • What do you see as your alternatives?

Finally, brainstorm ways together that your teenager can respond lovingly to the situation, without being trampled on. It may not be easy, but it is definitely doable. Stay focused on the truth of God’s Word and let it guide the process. I hope this lesson is helpful! Please feel free to reply to this email with any prayer requests you may have; I am honored to serve you and your family through prayer.

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Walking with you,

Pastor Mark

When we reflect on our lives, they are measured not by our incomes or good works, but by our relationships and friendships. This is true for everyone. We are after all children of the Triune God who has always existed as a unity of three persons, and in a move that remains stunning, he calls us 'friends.' In The Company We Keep, author Jonathan Holmes discusses the important relationship of friendship and Biblical friendship in particular.
Do you find it challenging to create and keep meaningful friendships? Popular blogger Hoover offers women a biblical foundation for these important relationships; gives you practical tools for cultivating and deepening them; tells stories that remind you that messiness is normal; and more. A fresh vision for intentionally and purposefully investing in this God-given role
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