Dear Parent,
Let me ask you a question. What would you do if your teen walked up to you and told you that they were sorry for rolling their eyes at you this morning? They said that they recognized that it was disrespectful and asked for your forgiveness. Other than picking yourself up off of the floor from sheer shock, what other reaction would you have? How would it make you feel? Loved, respected, honored?

Let me ask you one more question. What would your teenager do if you walked up to them and apologized for reacting unfairly to them during an argument? You told your teen that you showed disrespect to them as a person and you asked for their forgiveness. How would that make them feel? Valued, respected, cared for?

One thing I do know, without the second scenario happening (a parent apologizing to a teen), the first one is much more unlikely to ever be a reality.

Now I know teenagers can make dumb mistakes and react in very immature ways. They can often be disrespectful and taciturn. But I also know that God desperately loves them (even more than we do) and shows kindness and mercy to them! And He has given us, the parent, the job of teaching our children that they have value.

And how can they realize their own value if they never hear an “I’m sorry” when it’s obvious that we have wronged them?

Let me challenge and encourage you to value your teen enough to admit to them when you are wrong. Because we aren’t always right!


Walking this journey with you,



The commander of Columbia shuttle that disintegrated in mid-air was so devoted to family worship that he recorded eighteen videos for his family, one for each day that he was supposed to be gone. How valuable do you think those videos are to his family now? What a legacy he has left. I have personally used this bible for 2 year for family worship and it is an excellent resource.
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