Dear Parent,

Did you know that when God came to Moses in the burning bush and told him the plans that He had for him, Moses argued. He argued! With God! But how many times do we do that? When we know very well a specific path He wants us to take that makes us uncomfortable or feel awkward, we often argue. Moses threw 5 specific arguments at God and God had 5 very specific answers!

Moses said, “I am nobody,” and
God said “I give you value because I am with you.”

Moses said, “I don’t even know what I am talking about,” and
God said, “ I will give you the words to say.”

Moses said, “They will never believe me,” and
God said, “Let me worry about that. I will give them proof.”

Moses said, “Well, that’s great, but you know I don’t believe in myself or my abilities,” and
God said, “But I believe in you and I already know what you are capable of.”

And finally, after he had exhausted all of his arguments, Moses said, “Could you please just ask somebody else?” And even though God became angry and frustrated (sound familiar) with Moses, He said “I want you and I believe in you, but I will send another to help you believe.”

As I read the story of Moses, I realized that the phrase “establishing a trust economy” is really spot on! Moses’ “heart account” was truly empty when it came to self confidence and courage and self worth. And how many teens do you know whose “heart account” would mirror that of Moses?

But the one thing Moses did have was faith in God. An understanding that He could trust God’s words and actions was pivotal in helping Moses decided what to believe and act on.

The really amazing thing about this whole story is what Moses was able to accomplish through the deposits that God made into his account through words of encouragement and actions of love and even some correction!

How often do you deposit into your teen’s “account” through what you say and do? Do they trust you enough to believe you when you tell them they are doing a good job or that you believe they can accomplish what they set their minds too?

This world would demean our teenagers to the point where they would settle for what everyone else is doing! But you and God want so much more for them!

Tell them on a daily basis what strength you see in them. Tell them that are loved no matter what. Hold them accountable for the decisions that they make. Let them bear their own consequences without trying to “fix” it. Be there for them every day in every situation.

These are some of the ways that you will deposit in your teenager’s “heart account” that will teach them that trust is truly priceless!

Walking with you,


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