Dear Parent,

I hope you were able to watch this month’s video on teaching your teenager how to pray! I truly believe that this is one of the greatest gifts we can give our teenagers.

Prayer is powerful! It allows your teenager to feel heard when they mostly just feel isolated! It teaches them how to create a stronger relationship with God! And it truly addresses an issue that is vital to a teenager with which they can truly relate!


Isn’t that what our teens are all about anyways? From texting to tweeting to snapchatting, it’s all about communication. What greater gift is there than to teach them how to communicate with their Creator?

  • Pray with them when you drop them off at school or before they leave the house.
  • Pray with them when they are struggling.
  • Let them pray with you when you are dealing with issues at work. Allowing them to see your vulnerability will teach them that you place great value in prayer.
  • Talk, talk, talk with them about how they view prayer.
  • Create a family prayer list that is completely confidential which will also create trust within your family!
  • Teach them what to do when God seems to say “No” or even “Wait”.

I believe that prayer is about so much more than taking your wants and needs to a great big God! I believe He gave us prayer to encourage relationship and trust and confidence! Any relationship would be considered empty if there wasn’t time spent talking and listening.

Let’s teach our teens how to talk and listen to the One who knows them completely.

Walking with you,


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