Nov. 10, 2019 - 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

(2 Mc 7:1-2, 9-14; 2 Thes 2:16-3:5; Lk 20:27-38)

Belief in the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead is at the very center of Christian faith. In the world of first-century Judaism, not all Jews believed even in the possibility of Resurrection. Even the brother’s harsh persecution and suffering told in 2 Maccabees doesn’t alter their courage in their belief in the Resurrection of the dead. The Maccabean belief in Resurrection of the body is not for the wicked, but only for the just. The Psalm reflects steps that have been steadfast in God’s path, feet that have not faltered; and a prayer to be kept as the apple in God’s eye, hidden in the shadow of God’s wings. In 2 Thessalonians we are reminded in every age there are “perverse and wicked people” who oppose God’s work and those who do it. The quality of being faithful, dependable, people of hope are essential. Without the belief that God will strengthen and guard us from evil, it would be impossible to persevere as a Christian. In Luke we find Jesus with the leaders of the people who attempted to trap him, posing questions, challenging his authority and seeking to put him to death. The Sadducees were attempting to embarrass Jesus with their question. Having heirs was important for economic and societal stability. The raising up of descendants was the means of a person living on. Jesus teaches there is a difference between “this age” and the “coming age”. Those deemed worthy to attain the Resurrection of the dead will no longer marry, nor be given in marriage. By their Resurrection, they will have the enduring identity of God’s own children. If the Lord is their God, even though they have died, they must still be alive, for the Lord is the God of the living. The saints, those who have died and gone before us, both those with a capital “S” who are officially recognized and those with a small “s” remain connected to us through Jesus Christ. We can ask the saints, as our brothers and sisters in heaven, to lift us up to our God and intercede on our behalf.