Almighty God, You once revealed Your name to Moses in the burning bush; and through Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, You unveiled the mystery of Your holy name in the Trinity of persons and the Unity of being. Grant that we, who have been baptized and instructed in the triune name, may faithfully eat and drink of Your Son’s body and blood and worship You in spirit and truth, O Father, through Your Son in the Holy Spirit. Amen.

 For the delegates and guests at the Texas District Convention of the LCMS, that they would confess Christ in their deliberations and decisions

For President Matthew Harrison of the LCMS who will deliver the word of God to the people of Memorial Lutheran Church on Sunday, that he would find joy in his labors

For Morgan Pickens as he recovers from heart bypass surgery, that the good Physician would grant him a full recovery of health

For Royce Mosby, who will be undergoing surgery on Monday, that the Lord Jesus would be with him bringing him safely through and granting him relief 
Art: DÜRER, Albrecht The Adoration of the Trinity (1511)