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Let him know what a trooper he is, surviving another year on this planet with a hefty cold and only telling people about it 500 times an hour.
Similar to the Xbox One, Sony’s flagship console has sold like hot cakes since its release. YouTube has been filled with action camera footage chronicling life’s hilarious fails, triumphs and epic moments. This tongue in cheek gift is ideal for someone who’s notoriously difficult to buy for every year.
Theatre Breaks and PackagesWhisk someone away to London and choose from a huge selection of musicals, comedies and much more. Shower GelsChoose from the big range of luxurious shower gels and make someone smell fruity all year round.
Ideal for families who don’t fancy the subscription fees and contracts that come with Sky and Virgin entertainment bundles. Get a little more hands on after everyone’s gobbled down their Turkey and Christmas pudding. Surprise the whole family on Christmas morning when they open the back curtains to a trampoline. When all the presents are seeming finished with and the floor is a sea of crumpled up wrapping paper, bring out one last envelope for the whole family to open. Promoting a healthier way of making chips and other tasty creations, these make great presents that the whole family will benefit from. Makeup and PhotoshootTwo friends can experience being models for the day, by getting pampered with hair and makeup done by professionals before working it; having a fun and glamourous photo-shoot. Sometimes the best presents are from the heart, so give a friend a cushion with photos of the two of you on, so that they never forget your face.

Tour of Wembley StadiumIf you know someone who lives and breathes football then this would be the perfect present. Alcohol PresentsIf you’ve left your Christmas shopping to the last minute then BHS have an awesome and huge selection of alcoholic gifts to suit everyone. Let him feel like Lewis Hamilton for the day and measure the size of his grin with a 30cm ruler.
A nice bottle of whisky, matured to perfection, will go down a treat when settling down to watch some Christmas films later in the day.
Ideal for catching family members out snooping around the sweet tin and eyeing up presents.
Write 10 things which you love about the recipient, and then put them in a decorative jar which you can get from Hobbycraft and there you have it, an inexpensive but thoughtful gift.
With nifty voice control and smart searches, you’ll find something for everyone to enjoy, whenever you like. This game has the ability to bring a family together one minute but only to drive them apart the next. With the nation going baking mad, thanks to Mary Berry and her soft peaks; cooking from scratch can get the whole family involved.
Not only is Christmas a brilliant time for friends and family to get together and celebrate, it’s also an excellent excuse for everybody to overindulge. Having it handy for learning, entertainment, TV and other applications is a great shared experience.
This Cocktail Spinner will get everyone together and guarantee lots of fun and possible hangovers!
It’s stylish and practical, and has elasticated lining so it can fit right over your head and keep ears lovely and warm.

This is THE party game for friends as it provides light-hearted fun whilst playing shot roulette. So give someone the gift of relaxation with these wonderful Fair Isle socks, which are super thick and comfortable. They’re beautiful neutral colours which can be worn every day and awesome for highlighting in the party season. When someone is rushed off their feet over the festive period, this 'Christmas in a can' will definitely cheer them up. Get them a stadium tour of Wembley and let them walk the same footsteps as some true England legends and see all behind the scenes. No matter what age they are or whether they’re building worlds in Minecraft or fighting wars in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, this should keep them happy. This sterling silver, high-polished bangle is for keeps-sake and would be the ideal present to kick start a Pandora collection if they’re a newbie. The ankle strap holds the ankle in place for stability, so that no matter how many gins they knock back they’re feeling confident in their shoes.
Just give them one of these Cath Kidston travel bags, which is big enough for at least 2 days and voila, mission completed.

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