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You may remember my whining from Day 3 of my Gift Guide about how hard it is to shop for my husband.
You want to get him something special, but it’s helluva difficult to come up with gift ideas for a dad who has everything – and then some. We’ve scoured the Internet to come up with 12 cool gift ideas that even the most difficult to shop for dad will love this Christmas.
And we are SURE you are going to find some fantastic ideas for your man’s next birthday! Sign up for The Dating Divas weekly newsletter and get our 7 Days of Love Program, absolutely free! But when it comes to finding them a unique Christmas gift, they can be a complete nightmare to shop for. Wood Tie: This is one neck tie you can be certain your father doesn’t have in his wardrobe. The Man Can: We have an answer to that age old question of how to make bath stuff for men more macho. Can You Imagine Melting Clock: Combining a conversation piece with a work of art, the ‘melting’ clock is a funky gift idea for the dad who is more Salvador Dali than Simon and Garfunkel. A Creative Gift–  This next gift idea is super inexpensive, super meaningful, and keeps giving all year long! You are Appreciated {Envelope Surprise}– This envelope surprise is such a thoughtful way to show your hubby how amazing he is on his birthday. Passport to Love– If you really want to give your hubby the gift of LOVE, then this is the gift you’re looking for! So a little thought put into it before gifting it to someone can really enhance the value of your gift.

Made from reclaimed wood, by artists in San Francisco, it’s the Christmas gift for the dad who is adventurous in his dress sense. This book is one cool gift for a difficult dad who appreciates straight talk and flying F bombs. All he has to do is place the ‘goateesaver’ over his mouth, as he shaves, and he’ll get a perfect goatee every time! It’s a cool kit that lets your father make his own wallet(s)  from Brazilian rosewood and white linen. Whether your dad is an action man or a dapper dandy, an experience gift like one of these will make his day. I focus on untraditional party themes, unfussy fashion and creative activities for your modern family. Similar to women, men are equally or even more crazy about gifts, but they are specific of their choices. Laser engraved with your dads name on it, this personalized trinket is a great gift for the Cribbage enthusiast and a fussy father. Producing the aroma of a hot fried breakfast, this is the gift that will make his mouth water. The site provides  a variety of artist’s illustrations which you personally select, put in order and add your own text. It has over 750 channels and over 150,000 movies and TV shows from Netflix, Amazon Instant Videos, Hulu Plus, and more. However, there are a few things such as the person’s favorites that can be used to come up with a gift idea. In order to make his gift interesting you need to know about his comforts and areas of interest.

Below we have listed some of the unique gift ideas for the man who has everything.Stylish Footwear His money might buy him everything, but not the one that you can gift him with love. He might have a huge collection of stylish footwear but a gifted one from you will always be something special for him.Classy Accessories Advertisement An expensive and a classy leather wallet might be the perfect gift for a man who has to deal with large card payments every day. Refer to various online sites for placing your pet order or you can even look for some assistance in your locality.Hot air balloon rideAre you looking for a truly beautiful and unforgettable experience as gift to your man then a hot air balloon ride will surely be the perfect idea to go for. Such rides are once in a lifetime experience and certainly a special way to showcase your love to your man. For making your hot air balloon ride more interesting, you can plan a romantic dinner in the balloon basket. If you know his idol, you can gift him a biography of that person or search about his interests and look out for the most relevant book for him. A library membership or a magazine subscription can be an equally good idea to go for.PerfumesPerfumes can definitely be some of the best gifts for guys. Perfumes are unique idea for man as they can be gifted throughout ages for all types of occasions. You can take him to a formula 1 circuit, where you can make him have the experience of driving a sports car.

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